4 Beautiful Destinations to Visit in California


California has always been known for many things. It’s one of the birthplaces of modern electronics and computing, it’s home to Hollywood and the hub of the film industry, it’s a surfer’s paradise, and so much more. One thing however, that sometimes gets overlooked about California is it’s wide beauty and diversity. From rolling forests to a desert wastelands, California is home to some of the US’s most beautiful and iconic natural landscapes and attractions. Today we share 4 beautiful places to get away from it all and experience some amazing locations.

Muir Woods

If you are looking for a great place to experience some of the world’s tallest trees and breathtaking scenery, Muir Woods is definitely a destination you will want to keep in mind. The other benefit is that it is ideal for those that want to have access to all the regular amenities of a travel stay, but still have all the access to beauty. With its close proximity to San Francisco, you can be out of the city and right into nature in just a few minutes.

Yosemite National Park

Being one of California’s most iconic national park’s doesn’t diminish the beauty that you will find here as you come to experience it. There are plenty of beautiful destinations for those that want to go in and stay in the park. From elegant hotels and resorts to cabins and tents, there really is pretty much any style of experience that you would want, all within easy reach to get out and experience the wonder and beauty of the park.

Sequoia National Park

For those that want to go off the beaten path and really experience one of the most breath taking sites, then a trip to Sequoia National Park should definitely be on your list. This is the home of General Sherman, the largest tree in the world (by trunk volume). During the peak seasons a tram brings visitors to within a 10th of a mile of the tree, and during the off season or when the tram isn’t running it is accessed via the hiking trail. The trail itself is not too long, and it is paved the whole way with benches along the way to rest if you get tired, which can happen more often than you would think as you are at an elevation of 7000 ft!

The Pacific Highway Drive

There really is no way to pinpoint any one particular thing to see here as there are so many breathtaking sites that you will want to experience along your Pacific Highway Road Trip. So hop in your car and take a drive up the coastline. Big Sur, Morro Rock, and all sorts of iconic sites will meet you take this drive. Here are some great suggestions to plan your trip here.

No matter where you go in California, there is always something new and wonderful to discover. Happy exploring.