Pajama Saturday

As far I think, holidays is the best time of the year ever, and it has been so since my childhood. My parents really went out of their way to create traditions and make this time of the year be particularly meaningful so that we carried some very special memories into our adulthood. 

I shared some of the things we do already, and here is one more of our "mixed and matched" international traditions - pajama Saturday! 

Justin grew up with a very American tradition of "Christmas pajamas". I remember how different it was for me to learn about this tradition but I absolutely loved it, and thought that no matter where I live, I'd definitely implement it with my kids too in this way or the other. 

From my side, I remember cutting snowflakes out of the paper with my mom or preschool teachers when I was little to put on the windows. It is such an Eastern European tradition that I can with 99% assurance point out the homes of Eastern European families even here in SF and whenever I see those, I always get butterflies in my stomach from excitement and anticipation of holidays. 

So, for our family we set one Saturday of December where we open all new pajamas, put some Christmas tunes to play, get some ginger cookies with tea or hot chocolate and go on creating some masterpieces out of paper. Kids love the "family pajamas" and look forward to it all year long, I swear! For this Christmas I grabbed some absolutely adorable pajamas at Old Navy. Girls and I spent some time deciding what theme we should do, and settled on a "family look" that highlights unique personalities of each and every person. I liked that concept and I absolutely loved that it came from the girls. Nadya and Yeva chose similar outfits, which is perfect, because they spend so much time together doing similar things, but at the same time they picked different prints for pants, which is so "them" ! Vasilisa spent 15 minutes oohing and aahing over the variety of options, but once she saw the "golden dots", that became a "must" for her and she would quite literally live in those pajamas 24-7 if I let her. Evyainne was so excited about penguins lately, and Nikola is all grown up with his tastes and preferences, so I tried to target those concepts and boys got their share of favorites too. And then there is Elia , who got an all "grown up" set of new pajamas that we all are swooning over! All of a sudden she is not a baby anymore! 

I let girls pick something for me and loved their choice. Justin is always a "neutral guy". Zero fun. I have a secret goal in mind of "breaking him in" into some stripes or a "total family look". One day, guys! When that happens, I'll make sure to record - that will be a historical moment for sure!

I wish I could engrave the feeling of excitement that buzzed in the air when kids put on their all new pajamas and prepped the room for a fun Saturday.

We spend half a day cutting snowflakes, hanging up paper creations from kids, reading Christmas stories and just chilling. Out life is so fast paced that it makes days like this have a very special meaning and create long-lasting memories. It was so heart-warming to see how excited all of the kids were, from Elia to Nikola, each in their own way. I hope these moments glow in their hearts for years to come no matter where they are or how old they get. 

A photo-story is just below, and foreseeing the many questions, I liked pajamas at the end of the post! Old Navy is having a super sale right now, so they are a great deal at the moment! 

Pajama sets for: Olya, Justin's pants, Justin's shirt, Nikola, Nadya, Yeva, Nadya and Yeva's Sleep Shirts, Vasilisa, Evyianne, Elia
Slipper Boots are one, two, three
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Thank you Old Navy for supporting family traditions and sponsoring this post, and thank you to our readers for supporting our sponsors.

Afternoon at Century 21

Uber-fun in San Francisco

Uber-fun in San Francisco