Afternoon at Century 21

Christmas is this week! Can you believe it?! This year has just flown by! 

San Francisco has been so warm, it really didn't feel real that we are at the end of December until Nikola and I went to New York last week, and we have been immediately reminded what a real winter is supposed to feel like. The temperatures dropped to 20’s, but winds and humidity made it feel like it was below 0 F.

Being outside did not seem like a great idea after a couple of hours, so we took shelter for most of the day inside the newest Century21 store at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn. It's an absolutely gorgeous place! Century21 has always been one of my absolute favorite places to shop when we lived in NYC, and I terribly miss it! I try to take advantage of the online site, but I am definitely a "hands-on" person when it comes to shopping, and I love the experience of the store. If you are not familiar - Century 21 is one of the stores where you can purchase fashionable and designer attire at a very discounted price. I guess it theoretically falls under the "discount stores" category, but Century21 is so different in their approach to customer experience, that I personally really cannot call it such. It looks and feels like a luxury department store - everything, from attire to home goods is perfectly displayed, make-up and fragrance counters offer a multitude of options, including make-up application tips from the beauty consultants, and then there is the merchandise itself. It's hard to beat Valentino's for under $400 or over-the-knee SW look-alike boots for under $130! I found some adorable baby-girl holiday Nanette Lepore dresses for under $20 - seriously, you can't beat that. Century21 is a dream-come-true for any fashion-conscience girl in my opinion. I feel like you can't really go wrong with designer pieces - they are timeless, and this place allows you to grab those staple pieces at a fantastic price. 

Anyway, I can praise forever - I really love this store, and will be extremely happy when they open one in San Francisco. 

I didn't leave empty handed, of course, and grabbed a couple of things for the San Francisco climate.  

Have you been to Century21? What do you think?

Shop my looks and other favorites at the Century 21 Instagram Store.

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