Uber-fun in San Francisco

Uber-fun in San Francisco

Now that we marked our 3 years in SF, we are hitting the “new layer” of discovering the city. You know, it’s that moment when you already seen all tourist destinations and loved them, grown to have certain favorites and the next is to uncover the hidden gems that are not typically seen.

For this week’s photography practice with Nikola we decided to find those very gems in the Little Italy , and stop by our favorite places along the way.
We don’t have a car in the city - no need - and usually use Uber to get to and from destinations. We tired all sorts of cab services ( SF has an abundance), but I keep coming back to Uber over and over again. It’s always clean, always reliable, less expensive then other rates we came across and very family friendly - so many times when it’s just me and the kids, the drivers are more then happy to give me a hand in installing carseats and folding the stroller away. Uber saved our bottoms more times then one, including my trips abroad. We froze to bones trying to catch a VERY expensive cab in Paris without any luck only to realize that I could use Uber in Paris too, which solved all my problems for the rest of the trip.

 I thought I’d try my luck and after requesting a driver to take us to Little Italy, we ask if he felt up to an adventure and wouldn’t mind tagging along with us while we search new streets and hit our favorite places. The driver was more then cooperative, and even shown a favorite little street of his, which i cannot believe we haven’t seen! We walked passed it 100 times, I swear!

If you are traveling - ensure to stop by San Francisco’s Little Italy! I will only take you 15 extra minutes or so , but I promise, the time is more then worth it.
I’ll highlight a few of our favorite spots, but there is nothing like trying it in person for yourself.

Little Italy of San Francisco is not a Little Italy without proper pizza, focaccia , coffee and gelato. Tony’s Pizza is beyond amazing and the best part is a little attachment “by the slice” : for just a few dollars you can try whatever you want. We get a new variation every time we go. I discovered my personal perfection of pizza this time around!

The second “must” is Liguria focaccia : not only the taste will have you dreaming of more, but the expense itself of a small, old time shop will literally take you , what feels like, 100 years back.

Coffe and gelato is excellent from any place, but one of our personal favorites is Mara’s! Fresh pastries to accompany a cup of cappuccino and rose gelato is all i need to keep happy.

To work the calories off, there are a couple of places that are perfect to see: Cily Lights bookstore for some brain food and The Coit Tower at the top of the hill. The bookstore is not only charming, but famous for rare books - we collected some hard-to-find in translation gems from there. And as far as Coit tower - if you can, get a private tour! The doors that are closed for regular tourists will open for you, and it’s well worth it, but if time is in a pinch, just drive by it- the views of the city are breathtaking!

Our photo story is just below and make note of those gorgeous walls - the very street we discovered after missing it year after year!

* thank you Uber for sponsoring this post!

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