Fun getaway with kids

Fun getaway with kids

Summer came to SF right as school got into a full swing, but we figured you don't have to go far to have lots of fun, "get-away-for-a-day" sometimes is even more fun then a lengthy travel, especially when it's a spontaneous decision right?!

Sausalito is just across the Golden Gate Brindge, but - shamefully - we were yet to properly discover the area. We checked for vans, there was one available near by, so we figured the decision was pre-made for us by Universe, and 15 minutes later the happy bunch with backpacks full of essentials like dolls, jumpropes and cookies ( it IS an essential for a getaway - who is with me?!)  we were on our way to the little magical land across the bridge.

Although Sausalito is a very small town, (only about 7500 residents) it is home to more bays, marinas, and marine businesses than any other town in Northern California. It is also home to one of the largest "floating home" communities in the country.

If you are new to the area - here are some of our highlights:


Fred's Coffee Shop is one of the top local cafes to both for locals and tourists

Lappert's Ice Cream is a local favorite for ice cream and desserts

Poggio is a local favorite for Italian dinning which is very popular in the bay area due to its large Italian influence

The Trident is situated right on the water just off downtown Sausalito and offers wonder sea food and other delicious choices

Copita is perfect for those looking for a little more spice, offering wonderful Mexican dishes in downtown Sausalito


Houseboat Vacation Rentals : a fun and unique way to stay in this beautiful marine community.

Cavallo Point : for those looking for the perfect atmosphere and luxury, this is one of the top places to make your Sausalito trip a memorable one.

The Gables Inn Sausalito :is a beautiful quaint hotel located in the heart of downtown Sausalito to put its guests right in the middle of this beautiful community.


A stack-full of cookies, because it's a sanity saver at "that" important moment; kids will do lots of things for a cookie; and it simply adds so much more fun to the trip - we always did the "a-typical" things while we were an a vacation when I was little, and I remember those times as the best in my life.
Considering the size of our family, "the stash" turned into a "box" , and this time around it was Skeeter Nut Free ( one of the new finds from Amazon because our cupboards apparently were lacking cookies at the necessary moment) . We've been extra careful with nuts around here lately: we already knew that Nikola had a lot more serious sensitivity to peanuts then is desirable, but looks like Evyianne has fallen on that path too, and if separate I can somewhat control who eats what and target the individual needs, when everyone is together, it's a mission-impossible: someone is bound to share with someone else. I've been keeping a little stack of Skeeter snacks in my baby bag too to feed Elia and Evyianne, and I am seeing a difference in E's behavioral habits. Crazy to think that only 20 or so years ego nuts were an ubiquitous part of everyday kids life, but the truth is , for whatever reason - environmentally tied or otherwise - the nut allergies are 400% up, and are the most prevalent and fastest-growing food allergy that often is not outgrown in adolescence. By the way, an interesting fact - it's a requirement at all US schools to have nut-free snacks on hand and many teachers ask to bring only nut-free snacks for the classroom. So, we are playing it safe : you can never be too careful when it comes to child's well-being, I think we all agree on that, right?

The night ended at the fabulous fountain where we watched the glimpses of sun-rays sparkle on the ocean's surface for the last time that day, kids waved at commuters catching the last ferry for the night and we all marveled at the magnificent beauty of SF just across the bay.
There couldn't be a more lovely evening, and I am already brewing on some other new ideas to implement again soon.

some cookie-" thank you bribes" for good behavious and just for fun, because , honestly, when else if not during the getaway?

these smooch-able cheeks!

this lady is VERY serious about her cookies...

'three fair maidens" by the window: if you read Pushkin's "Tale about Tsar Saltan", you'll know what I mean!

the view from Sausalito side is just breathtaking!

it's christmas-world in Sausalito! which is so funny, because it was almost 85 degrees out!

art-lovers! my heart just sings every time i see this!

we couldn't take our eyes off this beautiful piece!

my weakness : beautiful fountains. but isn't is absolutely stunning!

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