Bugaboo 101 : family guide. part 1

I am extremely happy to click a "publish" button today as this post will list likely answer 90% of your questions, solve a lot of head-ache for a new parent and give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bugaboo stroller family better then most baby stores have.

A few must-know facts about Bugaboo:

• A Dutch company with passion and fascination for mobility and design.

• Innovators in a modular style stroller design.

• The Original stroller Cameleon3 took 15 years to produce and is a collaborative effort from different design options, customer feedback and Innovation Department team that counts 70 employees up to date.

• Apart from design and mobility, quality and quality control are the other principles Bugaboo firmly adheres to and stands behind, hence the company owns all of its factories to ensure the quality of production.

As we have become parents ourselves, just as many others, we wanted the best for our baby and then child. We listened to all the recommendations of all friends, family and experienced sales clerks. We have also quickly learned that what works fantastic for one family is not always right for another family. And more so, as we advanced in our parenting years and new babies came along, we have discovered that our needs have evolved along the way too.

This post is created with the best of intentions to help you avoid the "new parent headache" when it comes to choosing a stroller model and find that which is right for YOU, your family, your life and your lifestyle.

All Bugaboo strollers are designed to complement each other or work seamlessly along the way with each other. All models have similarities, but all models are also different enough to fit in its own specific niche.

 Iconic Original Cameleon3.

The design that turned the world upside down many years ago and has become a prototype for many modern strollers.

Classic small front wheels and large back wheels, unique seat design and a signature option to design a color combo unique to one's taste and morph to a different color-combo according to your mood are well-known characteristics of Bugaboo Cameleon3

The small wheels in the front give this model an ability to effortlessly maneuver even the tightest corners in small urban spaces. Adjustable suspension in front provides great shock-absorption to create a smooth ride on pavements and bumpy roads alike. Foam-filled tires take Cameleon easily off-roads for those who like to get out of the weekends or simply navigate woody areas of the near by parks. 360* swivel front wheels make one-hand steering a breeze, and a safety harness is attached to the handle of every model to ensure the ride is always safe for the little one.

A basket that expands and closes off with a drawstring allows to keep the aesthetic but also keeps all small toys safe - how many of us counted minus one ( or three) toys at home after a long day and a few stops at playgrounds?

Both, handle bar and a carry-bar have leather-like look and feel, making it easy to keep clean and maintain hygiene, a very much needed upgrade from a previous foam style, especially if you live in an urban environment that has muggy and hot summers like NYC does. ( note : you can upgrade to leather-like handles with an upgrade kit )

The front bar has an easy one hand release - a button on the side that allows for a child to easily climb in and out of the stroller.

Five point easy-elease harness allows for simple adjustability with a child in the seat, easily accommodating for weather changes and corresponding clothing ( or if siblings trade seats ) A one-button release frees the child within a second ( safety measure) but is firm enough to require adult hand effort and preventing the little curious fingers from accidentally popping it open.

The stroller seat in full composition is equipped with a full extendable canopy (spf 50), machine washable materials that are water ( and dirt , as tested by out 2 year old toddler) repellent,  a full recline (including simultaneous elevation of the feet to maintain proper blood circulation ) and an ability to face the parent or face the world, depending on the child's age, development and weather conditions.

One of my favorite and unique to Cameleon3 features are included in the handlebar itself.

First, a hand-operated break system - no toes, no feet, the break handle is located to the right side of the handlebar : easy to lock and unlock.

Second, the reversible handlebar that gives instant access to all the benefits large stroller wheels provide , should there be a need to tackle a large snow bang, some less-then-smooth portions of the road or make the climbing up the hill ( as we have many in SF) significantly easier. This is also a great solution for strong winds , should you get caught in inclement weather with a sleeping child in the seat and simply if your baby wants to face the opposite directing you are going and there is no time for reversing the seat.

The handle bar also has multiple height adjustment covering a very wide range of parental heights and/or preferences. Keep in mind though, that this model itself is created with a typical for bugaboo height of the seat, so if you are extra-tall, make sure the child's seat height fits your needs and wants.

The stroller comes with a collapsible bassinet making it suitable from birth.

The carry-cot is designed to be a stand-along bassinet and is in compliance with the newest ( and strictest up to date) international safety standard; it has been approved for OVERNIGHT sleeping when used with an accessory bugaboo stand. It effortlessly turns into a bed-side bassinet, making it be a great solution for small urban spaces or for those, who want a close-to-parent sleeping solution for their baby, apart from a crib. This has been our personal lifesaver for many trips we have taken with a baby.

Another important and very attractive feature of a collapsible bassinet is the ability to fit the stroller in various small car trunks or limited spaces.

There is one downfall to a carrycot configuration of a Cameleon model and it's the limited access to the under-stroller storage. Though definitely possible, it is more complicated then when in a seat configuration. Bugaboo offers various accessories to ensure that parent/baby necessities are within parent's reach, but if storage basket is important to you, ensure to check this configuration at the local retailer shop and test it for yourself.

This model is an excellent choice for urban parents who are looking for a stroller that could easily accommodate for parent height differences. It's also a great choice for active families on the go who are looking for a full-size stroller that would navigate small shops easily and provide them with an option for occasional off-terrain trips to nature or those of local parks. It's small enough and light enough to be easily put away in the car or to fit in small elevators.
Bugaboo offers a riding board accessory that turns a single Cameleon stroller into a solution for two little children.

For those parents, who would like a more robust option that would perform beautifully on off-terrain roads, let's take a closer look at Bugaboo Buffalo.

*thank you, Bugaboo for your partnership and support of LivingNotes

Bugaboo 101: family guide. part 2

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when in Vancouver