Bugaboo 101: family guide. part 2

The All-Terrain Buffalo

In part one we talked about the importance of finding the right-for-you stroller and introduced you to the original and iconic Bugaboo Cameleon3

Today we are continuing on with Bugaboo’s robust and versatile creation - Buffalo.

Designed specifically for all-terrain performance, the bugaboo buffalo is a must for parents who love to discover. Whether that's blazing a trail through the urban jungle or cross-country,  Bugaboo's latest stroller is at home in the city as it is on tougher trails. Slightly wider than Cameleon, it still performs well in the urban environment and is an ABSOLUTE must for those who live in a city with poor road conditions, or in the cities that have old-style cobblestone roads that are far from its smooth sibling you can often find in Europe. We personally took two strollers to our summer trip to Kiev, Ukraine and Buffalo has performed beautifully even on the most vicious cobblestone roads and made "jumping the curb” a breeze.

Versatile, robust and spacious, Bugaboo Buffalo offers a one-piece fold option, has multiple luggage options (a spacious basket and a separately sold additional accessory bag that is designed to hang safely over the handle),  a high and spacious seat, and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. So no matter how rough your expedition, it will always be a smooth ride - we can personally vouch for that too. 

Buffalo seat, just like the same of Cameleon, is both, reversible and reclinable, giving the options to face the parent as well as the world. This model also offers a rotating carry handle, making it easy for a toddler to get in and out, as well as an easily adjustable 5 point, quick release safety harness that makes it possible for a quick adjustment and ensuring proper positioning of the baby or toddler. An extendable sun canopy has a hidden zipper to maintain a sleek aesthetic but offers extra protection from inclement weather or sun when necessary. Just like with all other models, Buffalo also comes with leather-like handle (you can purchase the upgrade pack if you wish for your current model now), is car seat compatible and offers a stand-alone bassinet for a newborn that can be used as an independent sleeping solution for overnight sleeping with an accessory stand. This is a very useful feature not only for those who live in a small space or don’t want to purchase a separate baby bassinet, but also comes in very handy at times when the little one falls asleep on the walk. 

One of the winning features of Buffalo for many parents over some of the other models is the height of the stroller seat and bassinet. Due to its design, Buffalo is constructed to place a child higher off the ground (which is perfect for the times when you are discovering some muddy off-road woods). It also allows for more storage in underneath basket, and of course, the unique-to-Buffalo handlebar that is specifically designed to hold either a diaper bag of your choice or an accessory bugaboo bag ( sold separately) also provides a solution for extra storage, should you need it. 

Overall, this is a great option for active city-dwelling parents or otherwise, who enjoy nature or want something more robust, someone, who needs an abundant storage space and prefers a higher seating position for their child. This is a fantastic option for tall parents, as the handlebar allows for multiple height adjustments. This may not be the best option for those who are looking to constantly pull their stroller in and out of the car. While it collapses beautifully and fits even in small trunks, it is heavier than its other “sibling models”, so if the weight of the stroller is an issue for you, you may want to test it in person at the local baby shop. All Bugaboo stroller models offer a sibling solution with a fantastic riding board option, so you can easily make a single stroller to accommodate two young children.

*thank you, Bugaboo for your partnership and support of LivingNotes


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