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Happy Monday, Friends!

Jumping in for a minute today with little news updates for those who are pregnant or nursing: Boob Design is having a clearance sale AND new inventory at the same time on their site - so if you are on the market, make sure to stop by.

I've said so many times before here and on LivingNotes Instagram that Boob styles are my choice of preference when it comes to nursing, i am extremely excited that all my tops will work for this pregnancy too (because that's practically all I have now :)) , but if you are not familiar with Boob - try them.

I have turned my nose away from all nursing fashions (and maternity fashions too) because nothing ever fit well enough or was of such poor or unrealistic quality or care, that I really crossed that option out of my mind. Until one of my dear friends, who was insisting I needed to try Boob,  sent me a gift package after Elia was born, and let me tell you - once I tried ONE thing on, I went and ordered every design they had for that collection and haven't regretted once. These are the most flattering, well-made clothes of exceptional quality and, although I nursed while wearing them, I am planning to keep those in my wardrobe for years to come. You just cant beat the fit, quality and now all organic materials.

Here are some of my favorites they have on the site:

Flatter me tops: long or short sleeve are amazing, and so are tanks! You can't even tell these are nursing style, and they really DO flatter.

Audrey Dress: fab for every day!

Simone top: never can have too many stripes, right?

Ready Flex top: I use mine for everything, from early morning workouts to early morning walks with stroller; 1001 pocket is mommy-dream-come-true.

Knitted Jumper: really cute on! Size up for a looser fit, if you like that.

Nightdress or pajamas: so soft and very stylish on.

Ruched dress: seriously flattering.

Fast food T-shirt bra or ANY bra, really: it's supportive, keeps shape, but doesn't cut in to create any problems for nursing moms.

Fast Food singlet: I can talk about these for hours. PERFECT basic on its own, excellent layer, and Merino Wool version is fabulous, soft and warm.

A note to keep in mind: Boob Design changes styles and colors with every collection, so if you like something, stock up - once it's gone, it's gone. And from my bitter-sweet experience, it looks like some e-bay sellers know that this is a great brand: they sell last collection items double the price after the season changes. Just FYI!

XO, Olya

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