When in South Lake Tahoe, Things to do and see

When in South Lake Tahoe, Things to do and see


Justin chiming in today to share about our recent trip to South Lake Tahoe. Ski season may not be in, but we decided to escape over Lake Tahoe to get a taste of atmosphere and wonderful colors happening for fall. Most people only think of Lake Tahoe as a ski or sledding destination, but there is so much more to see and experience before the snows start to fall. There is so much to share about all that South Lake Tahoe has to offer, so for this post I’ll focus on some of the fun things to do and see while you stay in area.

For our trip we gathered everyone together and headed up to spend a weekend together in the cool beauty of the area. Its easy to see why it is such a favored destination for skiers as the mountains and scenery are absolutely breathtaking. The kids just loved looking out of the windows at the forests and wide open valley below as we descended into the valley.

It was approaching evening as we arrived so the first point of order was to stop and have some dinner. We stopped in at Sprouts Natural Food Cafe. I’ll share more on this in my next post, but its enough to say right now that it was a meal worth remembering, a very welcoming atmosphere and food that was beyond delicious.

Heavenly Village

After the meal we decided to head downtown and see what we could find. We made to the village center which is also known as Heavenly Village. It’s just what you would picture for a resort town like South Lake Tahoe to have. It’s a fun collection of quaint restaurants, shops, theaters, and entertainment.


The kids especially loved stopping into the Village Toys shop, and everyone left with something fun to play with during the weekend. It was so funny that Nadya picked a cute little stuffed fox and after leaving the store Evyianne decided that it was exactly what he wanted too, so getting a duplicate was a must : ) (Two of everything when you have kids, you know?)

Some other fun things to check out if you are in the area during the winter season is the ice skating rink (They were just starting to set it up as we were there, so we will have to try it out again another time), mini golf, and for those who are a little more adventurous they have a bungee jumping area.

For those looking to go to the theater, The Village offers a beautiful 8-Plex cinema along with the Loft Theater that offers small intimate live show entertainment and magic shows. Although we didn’t see it that first night, the kids all got to see their live Magic Fusion show on Saturday, and had loads of laughs and fun, and Nikola especially left with a little more inspiration to dive into his magic tricks again. Yeva even got an autographed DVD from one of the magicians when she went to tell him how cool she thought his tricks were. She definitely is the fearless one.


So whether you are looking for a great destination to eat, or do some shopping, or just to have a good time together as a couple or a family, the Heavenly Village is one place to stop by.

Where to Stay

After our trip to downtown it was time to check in and retire for the evening, and we were more than pleasantly surprised with our accommodations. We had partnered up with the Aston Lakeland Village Resort for our stay and all I can say is that it is a place that you will always remember fondly.

The resort is laid out like a village. If you are looking for a more hotel-like stay they do have the main building where the front desk is that offers all the amenities of the hotel with rooms indoors, spas, pools, Jacuzzi, etc. but the main feature of the resort are the travel condos laid out going all the way to the lake’s edge. Our Condo was one of their 4 bedroom varieties. It felt like a five bedroom though as there is an extra loft bed area with a bunk bed.

The kids had the funnest time playing with their new toys and exploring the condo. The best part though was walking out Saturday morning to be right on the beach. It was a cool 28 degrees that morning, but it didn’t stop the kids from running out to have fun in the sand and chase the geese that were swimming and walking right on the shore. Elia found herself a sand bucket and spent half the morning digging and playing in the sand. It never ceases to amaze me that even though it is cold, if there is fun to be had, the little ones just don’t mind.

We put together a little video to share some of the highlights of our stay at the Aston Lakeland Village.

Experience the Wildlife of the Season

Another fun stop in the area is the Taylor Creek Visitors area. During this time of year thousands of tourists come to see the Salmon as they come up the river to spawn. It really is a sight to see all the fish as they leap and jump. Be careful though if you come in the early morning or evening as the bears come out to catch fish, so you can be treated to two natural sites. The area also offers some amazing beauty, and with the leaves changing color it was definitely worth spending some time to capture some pictures.

A Family Fun Center

On our last day in the area we discovered one of the funnest mini golf centers that I have ever been to. The Magic Carpet Golf not only offers 3 fun courses all with their own themes, but they have a mini arcade center as well, so you really have fun for the whole family. We let Evyianne pick the course and Dinosaur it was. They may not have followed the rules so well, but we sure got some of the funniest moments captured while they all had a blast.

A Trip Worth Remembering

While it may have been a short stay, and one that we will definitely revisit soon, South Lake Tahoe is a little gem that if you have never been, is one place to be sure to take the family to, the area is very inviting and safe, and the kids just love all the variety of nature and fun to experience.

So how about you? Have any of you ever been to Lake Tahoe, do you have any of your favorite places to see? We would love to hear about them?

Be sure to stay tuned for our next post on food and dining for the trip. Happy Travels!


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