A proud ( and happy) mama-moment. These little For Kids From Kids of mine are on the roll! I hope you like these series and outfits! Any mamas out there? When did your kids started choosing their own options? Do you let them? Nadya is my personal savior now - our tastes align and it saves me mountains of time in the morning! These below are also Daddy-proof for all of those of us who are working mamas ;)


Valentine's day is coming up, so here are a couple of ideas of how to look very cute in school for Valentine's, but not all “pinky-heart-valentinzie”

It would make a really cool style to have a China-red dress with red cardigan and pink leggings paired up with bronze boots and golden-red jacket. It adds a nice touch to the style and its a very fun and fashion-forward color for Spring 2017 and is very fun for Valentine’s day. I also chose a multi-colored backpack with TokiDoki designs in pink-beige tones. TokiDoki is very popular with all our friends and i love it too!

If you like a little bit of a more casual style, then I am modeling an option of a velvet maroon pants (which is a HIT right now!) paired up with cream and gold striped shirt and golden vest. I wore black boots to match Zip&Zoe details on my backpack. I am also reading a mixed color headband that matches the outfit, but you can wear your hair however you want.

I hope you like these outfits! Everything is linked under the collages! Let me know what you are going to be wearing on Valentine's day!




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