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Here at LivingNotes we always bring you some of the best information for all things for a vibrant urban lifestyle. This week we bring you some hot spots to check out from around the globe. 

Hot Eats

San Francisco is always close to our hearts. We call it home, but it is also home to some of the best eats in the US, and some places have worldwide notoriety. One place that should definitely be on the list is Trestle, located at 531 Jackson Street, this place is sure to be a unique and enjoyable dining experience each time you go. Trestle prides itself on its commitment to quality and variety. Each day is a different menu, and for those wanting to get the best pick, be sure to call ahead and reserve your spot. They provide a warm and inviting home-like atmosphere. It is definitely on the top list of great places to visit when you are in and around San Francisco.

Unique Events

You may have seen it on youtube, or even in your home city, but one event that is a sure one to check out is the Lantern Fest 2017. At each location, thousands of participants enjoy social interaction, music, dancing, food, and an all around fun time, and when the time is right the night sky is lit up with all the lanterns from those participating. If you have never seen the event, it is one that is unforgettable and beautiful. Be sure to check them out at here to register your place at their next big event coming to the Phoenix area.

Beautiful Stays

This week we highlight two places worth putting on your list to stay at when traveling, or as a destination in and of themselves. For those looking for luxury and historic class be sure to check out The Beekman Hotel. Recently restored to beautiful perfection, the Beekman offers its guests a truly beautiful and artistic experience. They regularly host curated art exhibits and fashion shows. 

For those looking to get away from it all and be by the sea, the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai offers guests a truly unique experience to enjoy the private paradise of Lanai. Relatively untouched by tourists, this tropical paradise offers all the amenities you would expect from a Four Seasons, with the beautiful scenery and opportunity for exploration that Lanai offers.

New Art Exhibits

Currently, on exhibit in New York City, the exhibition of Raymond Pettibon: A Pen of all Work will be on display until April 8th. Raymond Pettibon is an American artist who has built a legacy in his graphic works which have helped to define contemporary art since the late 1960's. His works have explored such events as the counter-culture and punk rock events that so dominated this generation. 

Hot Stores to Visit

For those with high-end shopping while in New York this season, Madison avenue had an explosion of new and classy stores throughout 2016. There are several worth seeing, but one of the top store to visit would be Moynat located at 937 Madison Ave. With a selection of exclusive items just for the New York store, this is definitely a shop worth seeing.

Beautiful Destinations

For those looking to get into nature and explore some of the best-untouched places of the world, one place that is worth checking out would be some of the protected areas in Finnland. National Geographic said it best when talking about it:

"If silence is golden, you’ll discover the mother lode in Finland’s state-owned protected areas. From near the Arctic Circle in Lapland (where the northern lights can be seen up to 200 nights a year), through the 20,000-island Finnish archipelago, and along the rocky beaches on the mainland’s southernmost tip, Finland’s 40 national parks, 12 wilderness areas, and six national hiking areas are sanctuaries for silence-seekers. It’s no wonder that Finns celebrate a hundred years of independence in 2017 with four (winter, spring, summer, and fall) nationwide Finnish Nature Days, and by designating Hossa Hiking Area as the country’s 40th national park."

We hope you have enjoyed seven of our top picks for food, travel, culture, and destinations this week. Be sure to keep following and commenting, and don't hesitate to ask about a favorite spot to learn about. Until next time.



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