Fun Four

Welcome to this week's Fun Four, a section which highlights four fun things to checkout or do this week to make your life a little better. 

Pixelpoint Precision without the Pencil

Last year customers were treated to the Apple Pencil, but not everyone wants to grab the IPad Pro just yet. For those looking to get all the features the Apple Pencil brings to the iPad Pro without shelling out the high price, Adonit has the perfect solution with their Jot Touch, which offers all the pressure sensitive options you want and works for all versions of the iPad. Definitely worth a look. 

Favorite Productivity App

This week we focus on the power of teamwork, whether in the office or collaboration, today's work is done with others and Moxtra has put out a great App to help re-imagine teamwork, but sure to check it out.

Top Grab and Go for Lunch

Being on the go can often get in the way of that midday meal, if you are in the Bay Area great spot for a quick grab worth checking out is with Off the Grid. With so many different tastes to choose from you are sure to find something. 

For the Curious

If you have never seen them before, one exhibit worth experiencing is the Infinity Rooms at the Hirshhorn museum in Washington DC. A brand new room was recently reopened and guests are dazzlers contemplating infinity as they view into each room. 

Thanks for tuning in and join us next week for another Fun Four.


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