Fun Four

Happy Monday, and today we are kicking off the week with another Fun Four. 

Reading on the Go

With all the smart phones and tablets out there, many people often ask why an e-reader? Its hard to believe for many, but these great gadgets still have a strong place if you love to read on the go. Today’s readers give you a pleasurable reading experience that is soft on the eyes which is better for long term reading, and without all the other things getting in the way you can focus on what you are reading and not what you happen to be reading it on. One of our favorite E-readers is the Kobo Aura One, with its easy read screen, waterproof body and long battery life, this E-Reader will let you enjoy the enjoy the power of reading wherever your day may take you. 

Productivity Sharing

For those working in an enterprise setting or group functions, one app worth checking out for mobile is Microsoft Sharepoint. Allowing all your team to communicate and share projects within office 365 as well as create a custom work environment for access to websites and other data on the go relevant to the project you will keep the productively level high in the workplace in a fresh connected way.

Lunch on-the-go in Chicago

When you find yourself in the Loop while in Chicago, one place worth checking out is Roti Mediterranean Grill. For those who love good Mediterranean food, but need to get it fast, this is definitely a top pick among locals in the area. 

Art in the City

While you stay or work in Chicago, a great place to visit is sure to the Art Institue of Chicago. From its extensive collection of French Impressionism to its Modern art this is a place worth remembering.

Thanks for tuning in, and wishing all a great week to come. What are some of your fun places to see during your travels?


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