Friday Seven in New York


Hello and welcome to another Friday Seven. It has been an eventful week, and this week we wrap things up for one last look at some great ideas for the family for vacation ideas and themes.

Hot Eats

When in New York, have no fear when you want to take the kids out for some fine dining when you go to Le Perigord. This truly is a great experience the whole family can enjoy. The owner,  Georges Briguet, a father and grandfather himself, loves having children in the restaurant. He doesn’t even mind if they cry. “Its better than music” he has said. There is no children’s menu, but his staff know how to craft any meal to suit and also to offer new experiences in dining for those little foodies. Definitely a place to remember.

For those little foodies who love every under the sea, look no further than Farallon when you are in San Francisco, this artfully designed restaurant will give a delight to children as they experience wonderful flavors and a welcoming staff for kids. 

Hot Stays

Traveling with children has its own set of challenges, and staying in a hotel with your precious little ones shouldn’t be one of those challenges. Thankfully the staff at the Lowell Hotel in New York don’t think staying in a hotel with children means you need to go to a cheaper place. With special services offered to even watch the children while you go out for a night on the town together, this is definitely a hotel to remember. 

With cartoons playing in the elevators to special kid friendly restaurants on site, Le Parker Meridien is a great place to stay with your children whether in San Francisco or in New York. Thoughtfully designed suites give you and the kids a good home feel while to stay.

Hot Spots

For those budding little performers, a great spot to checkout from April 29 through May 31, is TADA, a musical theater group based out of Chelsea in New York City. With shows that have a run-time of one hour, and a youth -based cast, the shows are sure to entertain and give a great introduction to musical theater for your little ones.

Looking to experience a fun-filled afternoon of art and literature with the children? Then the Morgan Library and Museum will be a sure place to be on April 30th. Here children get to experience art and literature in a full interactive way. 

Hot Shopping

If you are looking for a truly unique shopping experience while in New York this week, look no further than Shop Gotham, a tour-themed program to experience the best of New York shopping. Their shopping tours will have you emmersed in the rich culture of the city and learn where to find everything from the best luxury spots to those unique bargain finds that only New York can offer. 

Well that wraps up another fun Friday Seven, stay tuned for our Fun Four segment this Monday, and have a great weekend!


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