Friday Seven in London for the Weekend


In this week’s edition of Friday Seven, we bring you some interesting takes on food and all other favorites. 

Hot Eats

If you are in London this time of year, you would know that it is definitely the food capital for the country, and one place that is sure to stand out is Sketch. Originally conceived by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and master restauranteur Mourad Mazouz, Sketch offers a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

For a more contemporary take on British cuisine, a perfect stop is Marcus at the Berkeley. With its menu full of flavors and traditional dishes, you are sure to leave with a pleasant experience for what food can and should be for this region.

Hot Stays

For an experience you are sure to remember, you can stay in the Hotel Marqués de Riscal in Spain. The hotel itself is truly an architectural work of art, and the interior leaves nothing out of place. Its luxurious accommodations match tastefully to the region, and your experience will be nothing short of spectacular.

For those traveling through Asia, a beautiful place to checkout is the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Sring Resort. Its oval shape and underwater levels make this a truly unique and pleasurable place to stay and experience.

Hot Spots

When traveling to Paris, you can experience evenings filled with classical music and enchantment. Evenings at La Sainte Chapelle are never dull this time of year. Be sure to check out all the offerings going on throughout the month of May.

Hot Spots for Kids

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has delighted readers and film goers for decades, and this year a new musical on broadway opens that is sure to delight audiences young and old. Be sure to check out Charlie on Broadway.

Hot Shopping

When traveling through Italy, and you want one of the best places to take a bit of Italy’s food offerings, look no further than Paciotti. They have been around for generations and offer some of the best selection and quality of Italian foods for you to try and bring home with you.

That wraps up another fun Friday Seven, and be sure to stay tuned for more interesting things and fun and productive suggestions with our Fun Four Series


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