picture perfect Mother's Day

Spring time always gives me a fresh boost of desire to change things up, update and redecorate. With Mother's Day approaching, I took the liberty into my own hands to justify any desires for updates (aka: orders) as a self-gift. That counts - right?! 😊

I wanted something more than just beautiful or modern, I wanted something personal, too. As I searched through different options and Pinterest ideas, a friend mentioned Shutterfly as one of the options. I've heard the name before, but figured it was mostly just a photo-printing company, so it kind of slipped to the back of my mind. 

A couple months later, Shutterfly reached out (coincidence?). I went to their site, and literally got lost for an hour or two among the endless decoration and gift options - you name it; they most likely have it. From personalized tableware, to jewelry, to art.

I lingered on the art section since my long-term heart's desire was to have a better gallery wall at home, and our office/studio was in desperate need of some art too. I decided to take a plunge and select some of my favorite photography pieces to try to create some canvas prints. I'll be honest, I hesitated quite a bit - so many places offer printing images on canvas, but I haven't had much luck: some had poor colors, others delivered poor quality materials. I figured, worse comes to worse, I'd use them in the darkish corner of the studio and I was a bit nervous when the picture packages arrived.

And then I opened them.

I only wish the photos here could actually give true justice to how beautiful these canvas prints are! They blew us all away.

What I planned to be studio decor is now hanging in the living room, and I can't help but smile every time I glance up.

Kids and I also ordered a couple more prints to give as a present to my mom for the next time she comes to visit, as a belated Mother's Day present, as well as a photo-book that was created with Shutterfly's new Make My Book service. All I did was pick a template and let the Shutterfly designer take it from there to arrange images - so easy! I am very happy with how the book turned out! I know that many of you love scrapbooking, and I do too! I just don't have time for it any more. This book is a perfect modern take on scrapbooking, in my opinion. So, any of you who are in the same boat with me - take note! The book is beautiful. I love that the designer who worked on it, separated images by themes and created a true "story without words". The design team asks for a variety of images (I submitted about 50 images for the book designer to choose from) to create a truly unique story. I'm thrilled with ours, but there is also an option to instruct designers to use all images, if you wish, in the order that you preferI also really liked the jewelry selection. Do you have any favorites from the site? Anything that caught your eye?

Anyway, here is a little photo-story from unwrapping and decorating the walls. Evyianne and Elia were SO cute trying to help!

This print is my absolute favorite. It blew me away at how beautiful it is in real life, and it is such a special family moment. Can't wait until the baby is born to order another one.


I don’t know how we decorated the apartment before her. She’s first to tell us what to do.


And this photo book, it captures some rare moments together.


The trip to Europe that meant so much, the most dear-to- our-hearts trip we’ve ever taken.


Apparently, Evyianne thinks he went on that trip too. Don’t tell him otherwise.


Hard to believe how much Evianne changed from just a year ago.


Elia jibberjabbered in her baby language, she was way too excited to see Nadya and Yeva and couldn’t figure out why they are on pages and not at home.


PS: I am seriously thinking of selecting a few of these images to make more canvas prints! Any suggestions?

Thank you Shutterfly for partnering up with LivingNotes for this post.

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