Fun Four


Happy Monday, and welcome to another round of our Fun Four, a few fun things to help make your work more product and your life maybe just a little bit more interesting and fun.

Be Stylish and Organized

Many professionals are familiar with ONA bags for their stylish, and functional camera bags, but the new Kingston Briefcase was made with the on-the-go professional in mind first and foremost. With several finishes and colors to choose from, you are sure t be able to take what you need for your working day on-the-go. 

CRM Software On-the-Go

We all know about Salesforce, but one CRM platform that is worth mentioning is ZOHO's Mobile Platform App, for professionals on-the-go having easy access to your leads and the ability to fully manage all points along the sales cycle. ZOHO gives you a very intuitive and easy interface to connect to all your leads and data from ZOHO account online and make your calls, write notes, schedule follow-ups, send emails, etc. all without having to leave the app. And the best part is that it is free to setup and use>

A Quick Stop for Lunch

If you are in NYC for business or travel and are looking for a great place to stop and grab something, be sure to check out the Chelsea Market. You are sure to find something great with its wide diversity of shops and shopping experiences. Whether you want some fresh produce for a snack or something a little more savory, You can't go wrong with this great shopping stop.

Create New Experiences While Traveling or Close to Home

Many people are already very familiar with how Airbnb changed the scene for places to stay while traveling, but with their recent addition of Experiences to their range of services you can not only enrich your vacations but discover new ways to experience your own backyard. We gave this a test run this weekend ... more to come on that, but we can definitely recommend you check out what Experiences are close to you.

That's all for today, and be sure to check out the Friday Seven later this week for more tips on hot spots and things to check out and experience. 

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