5 New & Noteworthy Things

I was raised in the culture where it was considered impolite to come visit someone without a present for the host. Typically, people would buy chocolates, cakes or flowers ( which are all great! ), but at some point my mom decided that it would be much better to gift something useful, and the search for “perfect hostess gift” became our almost daily activity that soon evolved into our little personal secret tradition. Since that time we constantly had a small stash of useful things at home and always kept our eyes open for new.

I LOVED it as a child.

Fast-forward 20 or so years, and now I am a mom myself.

Shopping changed, but this “perfect hostess gift” rooted so deeply in me, that my girls and I implemented our own modern version of it - mostly online, because, well… most stores are transferring to an online shopping model. Whether it is a sad evolution or a happy one, I haven’t made up my mind yet, but it for sure is convenient. There are so many fun things out there, I decided to start new series to share some of our fun finds. Who knows, maybe, one day you'll need a perfect little gift or something fun for yourself? 

A few finds from this week are linked just below!  Do you, guys, remember those floppy disks?! I do! I used them in my first two years of college here! The ones above are coasters - how cool is that? Although I nearly died when I read a description that said “RETRO”. I mean, I don’t feel so old… :) Anyone else?! 

I hope you like these new series! Let me know what you think! 

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