7 Hot Spots to See While in Washington DC

This week we bring you another edition of our 7 series, where we focus on 7 Hot Spots while you work and travel. Today we share 7 of the best Hot Spots while you are in Washington DC, from food, hotels, and things to see, you will see that despite what may be going on at Capital Hill, your stay in the area is sure to be a great one.

Hot Eats

If you are on the lookout for some authentic Mexican Food, one place that is must to experience would be La Puerta Verde. Their commitment to authentic cuisine and quality ingredients have earned this restaurant a top spot for the area.

For those that are in the mood for something that has a Japanese style to it, a perfect stop will be Himitsu. With a mix of traditional Japanese and other influences, this one to experience.

Hot Stays

For those looking for a true luxury stay while in Washington DC, a perfect place to stay located right in the heart of the city is the Rosewood Washington DC. Their commitment to the best amenities will make sure that your stay is a pleasant one.

One Hotel in DC that quite literally has its own “Trump Card” now is sure to be the Hay-Adams Hotel. A true historic hotel, the Hay-Adams is perfectly located facing directly across from the White House.

Hot Events

For those with the heart of a true explorer, a exhibit worth checking out this season is the Earth Explorers exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Along with several other exhibits and things to see while there, this is one stop that is worth seeing.

Now trip to Washington DC would truly be complete without experiencing some of the history behind what made the US be the country that it is today. One place that is sure to be a spot to remember will be the National Archives. Currently they have a special exhibit showcasing over 50 original documents and other items which illustrate and document the long history of thousands of approved and unapproved amendments to the laws that govern the US.

Hot Spots for Kids

There is often a little Spy inside all of us, and this is always true of children. A perfect place to let their inner spy out to experience the world is at the International Spy Museum. For adults and children alike, this place will be a delight to experience.

Well that rounds off our list this week for 7 things to see and experience while you are in Washington DC. Let us know how your experience were, and don’t forget to share your questions on any place you want us to feature in a future 7 series. Have a great week!

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