Fun Four


Another week has begun and to get you started we bring you another edition of our Fun Four.

The Notebook You Can Use in the Cloud

We live so much in a digital world that everything we do is all about the Cloud. While our modern devices offer so many features to take notes and write "just like the real thing," there really is no substitute for the real thing. However, with the Rocketbook Wave, you can get the best of both worlds. It's a real notebook, made with special paper that comes already embedded with a dot matrix to make scanning the page seamless to process into vibrant images for access on the go, and when you use the special pens with FriXion ink all you need to do is place the book in the microwave for a few seconds and the pages are erased for new use again and again.

Continuing Education on the Go

Learning on the go has always been a goal for many, and now with the Great Courses App, they make it easy and convenient to learn from some of the best university professors on thousands of topics both connected online and offline.

Lunch on the Go with AirGrub

Normally we feature one new app in our Fun Four, but this one deserves the lunch category for its usefulness. AirGrub gives travelers the ease and convenience of ordering a car, but with food that can easily be picked up while passing through the Terminal to dash to that flight, you were about to miss and bring a good meal onboard that you will love. Users simply enter the airport, and terminal and a selection of participating restaurants will pull up with menus. When you arrive, simply present your boarding pass and you can pick up your meal all prepared to go for you to bring on the plane. Currently, they work with San Francisco International, Boston, JFK, and soon to be in Los Angeles.

Between the Frames

While in Boston, and beautiful exhibit to explore is at the Frye Art Museum: Between the Frames. A unique exhibit which showcases the history of artifacts and art pieces the museum has collected over the years, and the order in which they have collected them, giving viewers a bit of an inside look into the workings and mindset of the Museum's approach to its artistic development.

Here's to another fun filled, and productive week.

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