Father's Day Gift Guide

Guys can be really hard to shop for sometimes - who can relate?!

I always want to find something that is nice and will be loved, but also something that will be useful. Justin is the hardest person to shop for because he is just sooooo low key when it comes to presents. You know the "Languages of love"? Presents are definitely NOT his language, but it IS for all of our female's side of the family.

Last week we were passing through downtown with the girls when Vasilisa saw the shoe shining kit display in the window of one of the shops. She was SO excited about it, I couldn't pass by. We actually ended up getting quite a few things that Justin needed, and I didn't even think of them as "Father's Day presents" until I opened up the bag and he was so excited about everything, especially after the blazer ended up fitting him perfectly just off the rack without any alterations. I think this was the first time ever I heard him say "this is the best Father's Day present ever!", even though we didn't plan for that! Go figure!  

So, with Father's Day being quite literally almost here, I put a little guide below for things that I liked when searching for fun presents and things that Justin ended up loving so much.

PS: Vasilisa personally makes sure now that Justin's shoes are in perfectly-shined condition. It's so cute, I don't know what's better - her excitement or the fact that Justin loves her enthusiasm so much!

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