Kicking Off the Summer Fun!

Last week one of the legs on our teepee broke, so we brought it up from the studio/office to patch up. Girls were SOOOO happy, you'd think they've never seen it before (even though they play with the teepee that belongs to a kid-corner of the studio practically every day because they hang out with us so much!😂)

Anyway, we pushed the couch out to give the kids the freedom to just be kids. I LOVED making tents and forts with my bestie when I was little. I know my mom wasn't thrilled because of furniture rearrangement, but it was so, so fun, I am very grateful she let us.

Girls quite literally "moved in": they created some sleeping quarters there, brought in their toys, and we spent the second 1/2 of the day just sitting by their new home, creating things and playing. Closer to the evening Nadya, Yeva and Vasilisa asked if they could sleep there too. I let them. Justin ended up joining in (although I found him on the couch in the middle of the night 😉), but if I wasn't on my 9th of pregnancy, I'd absolutely join in with them, hard floor and all!

Anyway - a million of snaps below. But also, a little more for the summer-time fun.

Some of our favorite brands are celebrating the start of the summer - we want to support and help spread the word. This is not a sponsored post, but sincere love for these, in my opinion, really, really good brands - not too many people know about them, although everyone should!

So, we are supporting our friends today at Appaman, Seedling, Stride Rite, Raw Elements, and Parkland. For years these brands have been some of our favorite go-to brands for clothes and fun, and we are happy to help spread the word about each unique brand.

Appaman has been a constant staple for us as the clothing they make wears for years and they always have really cute designs. If you for girls, there are always options available (and Appaman is one of them!), but for little boys and teenager boys it is very hard to find good clothing: Appaman is the staple for us.

Seedling has so many creative ways to engage kids. We are stocking up on some boxes before the baby comes to keep kids happy and engaged while I am transitioning to life with a new baby. Some of our favorites are the maze, sushi set, and the virtual reality kits

So, if you are planning a family getaway this summer, or just looking for some great items to upgrade your summer then check out the details below:

$350 gift card to Appaman: Stock up on stylish, adventure-ready threads from this iconic NYC streetwear brand.

$300 gift card to Stride Rite: Run wild from coast to coast in shoes built for childhood since 1919. 

$200 gift card to Seedling:  Play, explore, and create without limits with award-winning activity kits & toys. 

$200 gift card to Parkland: Pack your gear in durable, classic backpacks available in a range of great designs. 

A complete product line ($150 value) from Raw Elements: Certified Natural sunscreen that's gentle enough for infants, but meets the performance demands of the most extreme ocean athletes. 

Enter now for your chance to win!


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