4 Travel Destinations You May Have Overlooked

Here at LivingNotes, we love talking about different places that we have traveled to and give great insight and little tips here and there, but often times we get asked about spots that don’t always come to mind to experience. This week we share 4 destinations that are worth seeing that get overlooked.


Rich in history, Poland is a country that shouldn’t be overlooked. Its country and culture is filled with historic gems and interesting places to see and experience. With a friendly population and beautiful cities and countryside, this is definitely a location to mark down to visit. 


Its small size makes everything very accessible, and for travelers looking to get a lot in for their budget, Portugal is a hot spot you will not want to miss. Its beautiful scenery, generally warm climate and beaches make it an ideal spot to visit and relax. 


Especially the Hoi An area is one spot that is sure to bring a delight to any traveler. Its beautiful setting, warm beaches, and access to beautiful and unique amenities such as amazing local cuisine and custom clothing make this a perfect place to see and experience. 


If you are looking for that quaint but beautiful european city experience, look no further than Luxembourg. Bordered by France, Belgium and Germany, this little country is one that should definitely be on the list to visit, plus being so centrally located it is easy to step in any bordering country to visit. With the public transportation being the among the best Europe has to offer, it is very easy to get around and explore. 

Well that wraps up this weeks 4 series, and wishing all you the best in your travels.

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