My Hair Journey

Justin here, writing in today. I wanted to share some thoughts on a subject that most men don’t want to touch, but one that happens more often than you might expect. I’m talking today about hair loss. I happened to mention to a friend some frustration about seeing my hair thinning out, and the Rogaine team reached out with interest in a partnership to take me through the process and sharing some insights for me to share with those of your reading this post. 

Although men don’t really want to admit it (we never do), our hair is important. Even though we don’t always openly say it, but we really do care how we look as guys, and studies are showing that about 40% of men are experiencing some level of HHL or Male Pattern Hair Loss.  The crazy thing is that many are seeing the effects happening before the age of 35. 

I myself have a genetic history on both sides of my family of hair loss, so I always knew it was a strong possibility for me, but I always thought it was something to think about after 50 or so. However, in the last few years and especially most recently as I was going through pictures I could see very clearly that the back of my hair was starting to thin out, and there was more of a widow’s peak forming. I also started noticing a difference with the kids as they would be running their fingers through and pulling on my hair when riding on my shoulders. I didn’t realize they were having so much fun lately because they could easily pull out the hair and I didn’t even really feel it. 

Thankfully, I’m blonde, so it hides really well, but who knew it would start effecting me so soon. Being on the more natural side I started trying everything you could imagine. We had many readers saying things about essential oils, and the old adage to cover the hair in onion peel … yep, tried that one too. At least the smell didn’t last too long. The truth is though that no matter how many cabbage leaves and other natural methods a person may try, it can’t modify genes.  I figured it would be best to explore the options out there, before too much more time passed. So, after consulting with a few dermatologists, and talking to more people who went through the same issues, I realized that now was the time to take some action.

A good tipping point for me was when I recently saw a video from a fellow guy that came out and talked openly about his hair journey. He actually started experiencing hair loss very early in his 20’s ultimately he had to go a more serious route, but he said that one of the first steps that he took was to try Rogaine, and he saw some good results. His openness and story helped me to have the courage to do something about it for myself before it was too late and more difficult to treat. 

A few notes on this as I begin, for any of you that are looking to choose Rogaine, it is important that you fully commit to the routine. With today’s innovations they have a great foam option that makes it easy to use each day. It is important to use the product twice a day, every day to ensure that you see the results that you are hoping for. 

Personally I am excited to see how this journey will go for me. Evyianne loves hanging around in the mornings as I get ready, and it’s kind of funny too because he not only has a ton of hair - he has more than enough of gorgeous hair, and it is the hairstyle that I always wanted to have. So, he is my own little lucky charm, in a way, to get this treatment to be successful. 

Again, I know that men in general don’t like to talk about this, and I know that there are lots of men reading this blog, so I hope that these thoughts and updates as I go through this journey over the next several months will be helpful and an inspiration to others that are starting to experience the same issues. I will be sharing my results and notes along the way as go through it.  I'm excited to see how this treatment will help me to recoup hair that I have lost. I’ll be happy to answer any questions along the way, and for any of you reading this that are experiencing hair loss, don’t be afraid to be open about it and take action. Our hair is worth saving!


* Thank you Rogaine team for partnering with LivingNotes for this post.

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