4 Apps to Make Your Day Go Smoother

Many of us are out and on the go with work, family, and so many other activities, and sometimes it is good to have a helping hand with our phones. Here are 4 apps to help make your day a little better for those everyday activities for work or play.

Live Life a Little Healthier

Many of us are looking for those little tips to help to live a little healthier. Whether it is to make a big change or just making smarter habit forming choices for a healthier day to day life. One app to make things a little better is Lifesum. Check out the advice and tips to a better choice day to day. 

Get News Updates How You Want To

Getting your news on the go to stay connected to events can seem a little daunting at times now with all the multitude of options that are available. One app to make it a little streamlined and easy to customize what you want to know about and read is Funnel. Check them out to see how easily you can customize your news feeds.

Simplify Your Shopping

With all the options today, see how quick and easy it is to get some good deals for your everyday shopping and get it sent right to your door. Jet has some great options to make those everyday runs to the store a little less hassle, and the time and money you save in gas can help for other areas.

Simplify Your Email, Make it Smart

Are you tired of hunting for that important email? Which account did it go to, and where is it to be found. Spark has found a great way to sync all your accounts to one simple interface and allow you to easily see and find the emails that are important to you. See how you can start to love getting email again. 

That wraps up this weeks fun 4 things, and here's to wishing a wonderfully productive week for everyone.

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