7 Spots to Remember When Visiting San Francisco

7 Spots to Remember When Visiting San Francisco


For this week's edition of our 7 series, we bring it back close to home. We have had a lot of questions recently on some places to see, where to eat, etc. So, without any further delay, here are our 7 things to check out while you are in San Francisco.

Hot Eats

San Francisco has always been known for its laid back style and tech vibe, and one place that matches that vibe very well is Outerlands. Located close to the ocean on the west side, guests experience a low key atmosphere and excellent food.

Spruce SF, is another place definitely worth checking out. Nestled right in the middle of Presidio Heights, you get a full fine dining experience without all the hustle and bustle of downtown. You may also find a good spot to park nearby as well, which is always a helpful thing in San Francisco. 

Hot Stays

If luxury and top comfort are on your list of musts for your visit, one of the places that still do it best is the Four Seasons San Francisco. Rated as one of the top 5 star locations in the area, you sure to enjoy your stay while you are there.

If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path, while still maintaining a great experience, one place worth mentioning is the Inn at Presidio. Situated in a completely renovated and refurbished building that is part of the military history of the area, your stay is sure to be pleasant, and enjoyable.

Hot Events

If you have never been to the iconic Mission District, one great way to experience this unique section of the city that has always welcomed artists and free expression is with the Flavors and Murals tour of the Mission District. Taste some wonderful finds and see some interesting and creative art on the streets and walls in this section of the city.

Experience cinema in an entirely new way this weekend in the city. If you have ever seen the classic film, Jaws, you will remember how influential and iconic this classic Spielberg favorite was and still is. This time the San Francisco Symphony will be playing the score live in concert while you experience the film on the big screen. Experience this film in an entirely new way that will be unforgettable.

Hot Spots for Kids

With constantly changing exhibits and all-time favorites, one place that is sure to get the attention of young and old is the Exploratorium. If you have never been before, this is sure to be a stop you will want to make while visiting San Francisco. Located on the historic Embarcadero in San Francisco, experience science and creativity in brand new ways. 

Well, that rounds out this week's 7 Series. Here's to a great weekend and wishing all the best for your stay while in San Francisco.


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