Summertime Meals with a Twist

Summertime Meals with a Twist


*This post is sponsored by Blue Apron

It’s summertime here in San Francisco, and that usually means that sunny and warm days are few and far between. Lately, we always try to take advantage of the sunny days as often as we can, and that includes having some fun adventures outdoors with meals. Picnics are always fun, but grills are even better, right?!

Pre-packaged "box" meals you prepare at home are a big part of our life (as you all know), especially because of the convenience, quick turn around, a variety of recipes and fun it is to prep the meals with the kids. Today recently partnered up with Blue Apron to show a fun twist to meal preparation! It doesn't have to be all in the kitchen every time!

I have really liked the Blue Apron meal choices for a while now.They are fresh, have excellent quality ingredients and I admire their desire to stay "green." With some of the big changes that are going to take place with the family (aka, new BABY any day!), we wanted to get out in nature, have some fun, and see if we could have just as much success with the complete meal outside as we always had in our home.

The honey ginger-glazed salmon with rice and vegetables from the wide selection of recipes seemed like a great idea. The box had everything ready, and in just the right proportions, so all it took was some quick prep/pre-cut at home with some of the ingredients, and then we were easily able to place the prepped items right back in the box to take it with us to the grill area. Blue Apron boxes come with a refrigerated bag for the meals (so that ingredients don't spoil when we are not home to refrigerate them immediately), so this was a great way to keep everything fresh in the park too. After grabbing a few pots and plates we headed over to Crissy Fields to grill the meal.

The kids loved helping with the meal. The recipe steps are very easy and always clear, which makes the meal prep simple and fun. We were able to adapt everything for the grill, and we even added a slight twist of our own, like foil-grilled carrots (Yeva’s request) and using the whole clove of garlic for flavor instead of chopped, because little ones do not have their taste buds quite developed yet to appreciate it. While waiting for fish to cook, Vasilisa and Evyianne spent some time with the first week's Cooking Camp activity, a really nice add on that Blue Apron is hosting for the summer. It helps kids learn all about planting seeds, making salad dressings, and just getting the kids in the kitchen more with you! This week's tasks were focused on local foods, and I was sincerely impressed how many items Evyianne was able to pick up correctly per our location! Of course, the fact that we are in CA helps a lot, almost everything grows here, but still! 

The meal was a great success with everyone pitching in, including some beautiful hand-picked floral decorations for the table from our two littlest ones. The kids all asked if we could do another meal outside again, and considering how fun it was, we absolutely will. I think that will be Justin's responsibility for the first few weeks after the baby comes.

Have you, guys, tried Blue Apron? The name is well known! If you haven't tried Blue Apron yet, it's a perfect time to start! With our partnership today, they are including 3 free meals to first 50 people that give them try. Here's to fun summer cooking!

What I am curious about is if you have any other ideas of how else we can make these "box-meals" fun and creative! Share here or on Instagram - I'm all ears!


Delicious pre-proportioned ingredients for easy preparation


Everything prepped and ready to box up to take out for our grilling adventure


All ready to unbox and cook


Who knew that learning about foods could be so fun? The Kid's Cooking Camp was a big hit with everyone.


Great packaging makes food transport easy, and best of all they make it easy to recycle or return the packaging when you are done.


Vasilisa gets some food tips from Nadya for the Cooking Camp Activity


Men at the grill, getting everything going :)


A little hand-picked decoration for the table, always the best gift


Everyone gets their turn at the grill


Elia also had to get her pick in for the flowers :) So much fun picking and finding the flowers, its kept them happy the whole time we prepped the meal


There's no such thing as too many flowers right :)


Mastering the art of grilling fish :)


Best ride of the day


All ready to serve, after just a few minutes


Elia loved the fish so much, she kept taking pieces from everyone before we could even finish serving :)


The perfect result, all made outdoors


* Thank you Blue Apron for sponsoring this post. 

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