7 Things to Do this Summer No Matter Where You Are

7 Things to Do this Summer No Matter Where You Are


It summer time, and for many that means some much-deserved travel, for others it means free time to work on projects closer to home, and for many, it can be rediscovering the place you live at. No matter where your travels may take you there is always the question about what to do during some down time, or while you are waiting for your next activity. Here are 7 things or activities that you can do no matter where you may find yourself this summer. 

Discover New Literature

Have you always wanted to pick something up to read that wasn’t the same thing you usually do? Have you wanted to have a quick and easy place to find good quality and entertaining literature without having to hunt for it? While many people are out actively seeking their E-readers, the Book of the Month Club is standing by the classic value of reading a book, the classic way. The truth is that there is no real replacement for the experience of reading a good book with your eyes and hands. They also help to find those hidden gems that you may never have found on your own. The best part is that you have full control to decide if you want a book that month, and you can swap out books if you didn't love it. Definitely worth looking into for a fun way to rediscover your love for good reading again. 


Learn a Language

Are you planning a trip where a different language was spoken? Do you plan to do business with clients that speak a different language as their native tongue? We are always surrounded by opportunities where speaking a new language would not only be rewarding, but also very valuable. Unfortunately, most people stop before they even get started due to the time commitment to it. However, there is one place that shows and works with his clients to help you learn a language to speak and communicate well in as little as 3 months, sometimes less. Imagine the opportunities and possibilities to learn a new language during the summer months. 

Fruit Picking

This is one activity that has rewards many times over. Kids love to pick fruit, apples, berries, you name it, and depending on where you live there can be many options available to see and experience. There really is no substitute for fresh fruit hand picked by you. 


Early on we discovered that kids love to learn about the stars. Whether it be the wonder of outer space or the fact that they can look up in the night sky and with a little practice can learn to identify the constellations, kids of all ages have a wonder with the stars, and when you can add in a telescope the wonder only increases. There are many resources to learn some basics, and this one is great to get started with very quickly. 

Take your Meal Out on the Go

One thing we learned a few years ago was that even the same everyday meal that you prepare at home can have a whole new enjoyment when you go out to a park or forest to grill and make it outdoors. This is not your typical Barbecue, but the same basic meals you may cook in the kitchen, see how to plan and prepare outdoors and you will find the kids all wanting to participate in the fun. 

Kids in the Kitchen

Hands down, kids love helping in the kitchen. On the same theme as the last suggestion, spend some time this summer including the kids in the kitchen and you will be amazed at the fun times you will have. 

Experience the Museums you Might Have Missed

Have you been to every museum in your area? More often than not there are a few you missed, and even if you have been before, there are always more things to see, especially if you ask for a tour. Some areas have several small museums to see, and you can make a little afternoon tour to see them. There are many unique things to discover when you go back to look at things from a different angle. Lately, as well, many museums have begun incorporating new technologies to make exhibits more interactive and enjoyable, so you never know what you may find. 

There are so many activities that you can be doing during the summer months, and we would love to hear about your adventures. That’s all for this week’s 7 series, and wishing everyone a great weekend!


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