Stepping Into Style

Stepping Into Style

I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

NYFW is around the corner! Is anyone else as excited as I am?! It's one of my favorite times during fall, and, of course, visiting NYC during that gorgeous season is always a benefit. I love the falling leaves, the crisp but still not-too-cold air, and the fashionable New Yorkers on the streets of one of my favorite cities always intrigue and inspire me to create something new. If you have never been before, I definitely recommend it.

I've been working on putting together different looks for the last week or so. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to put together my outfits I wear during Fashion Week. It will be a crazy few days with lots of running between appointments and shows, so I usually create my outfits to fit with two pairs of shoes. A pair of heels goes on when I walk into the meeting and then get swapped for a pair of flats when I have to run to another place. Even with those changes, though, by the end of the day my feet are usually killing me.

Back in my dancing days, one of the therapists who worked on my always aching feet suggested I use Dr. Scholl’s insoles in my shoes. I kind of waved it off then, but as I was passing by the footcare aisle near the pharmacy while picking up some necessities at Target, Dr. Scholl’s caught my eye and I grabbed a few of their Stylish Step™ options to try. I picked up Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ Clear Cushioning Insoles for Flats, Stylish Step™ Insoles for High Heel Relief, and Stylish Step™ Hidden Arch Supports for Flats. I am working on new style series, as well, which sometimes requires several hours of walking around the city to get to the right locations. After about a day of walking with new insoles in my flats, I went back to Target to buy a few more options for all of my shoes because the comfort they gave me was fantastic. They really let you wear the shoes you want for longer, and feel comfortable and confident.

We snapped a few shots while prepping a style post and I am including the images here to somewhat show how easy the insoles are to use. I didn't need to trim anything, just placing the inserts correctly under my arch did the trick. They stay in even after hours and hours of walking time. The gels are very soothing on the feet which helped with some of my shoes that I couldn't wear for very long. You know how the balls of your feet burn after a while? Even some of the most expensive brands don't solve that issue, unfortunately. I have several pairs of luxury high-heeled shoes, but every single one of them has some sort of a sad story in the notes of "my poor feet" attached to them. The only suggestion I would give is to bring a pair of new insoles with you when you buy new shoes. For me, it made a difference on the size for some of the brands.

I found that even the luxury shoe brands don't always have the best arch support, which takes a toll on your feet and back after a while, so I really like to use Dr. Scholl’s Stylish StepTM Insoles for such situations. For regular flats the Stylish StepTM Clear Cushioning Insoles for Flats do the trick for me, and the Stylish StepTM High Heel Relief Insoles are pure magic for anything higher than 2 inches.

Right now Target is offering a Cartwheel promotion for Stylish Step™, find out more here. Let me know what you, guys, think!

*Cartwheel offer available on 9/7


Ready to go, and a couple of spares in my bag always for any other shoes I may need to wear on set.


Any heel is wearable with the comforting insoles. I recommended to go 1/2 size up in the shoe or wear a very thin sock.


I put the insoles into my flats too, even into the most expensive ones.


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