A Park Central Getaway in New York

A Park Central Getaway in New York


New York has always been known for many things: The city that never sleeps, the Empire City, the birthplace of Broadway, and most recently one of the world-wide hubs for fashion. Every year in September the fashion world descends onto New York. I had the pleasure this time around of being invited to partner and experience this year's fashion week as a guest at the Park Central Hotel New York. 

Initially I was a little hesitant about the location as I have been to New York many times, and called it home for many years. Fortunately, I accepted the invitation and was so pleased with the experience. Not only did the Hotel’s central location fit perfectly with the meeting schedule (I would not have made it to some of my meetings in time had I not been so well-positioned to get around the city), but I found it to be one of the most pleasant hotel experiences I have had in the last several years. 


If you are heading to New York City for the first time, I would highly recommend to check out the Park Central. When it says it is perfectly positioned for all your tourist needs, they aren’t kidding. The hotel really is only a 2-minute walk from Columbus Circle, practically across the street from Central Park, just a brief walk to the 5th Ave shops, and any major Subway hub you need to get to is right within your reach. You can be to almost any destination within the city in 15 to 25 min tops if you ride the Subway, or if you Uber around or grab a cab then depending on traffic and the time of day you can be almost anywhere in less than 40 min. 

Broadway show-goers will love the close proximity to most of the major theaters, and if you are getting out of a late show, the hotel is just a few minutes away. Times Square is just a hop skip and a jump away, so no need to grab the Subway or a cab if you don’t want to. The views from the hotel rooms are also something to remember. 

Planned with Business Professionals in Mind

Business travelers will love staying here as there are plenty of modern amenities to meet any business need. Tired of working out of a hotel room? No problem, The Park Central has a wonderful business lounge for you to comfortably work and be productive while you stay. They have any hardware or other media needs to make sure that you don’t miss a beat for any materials or supplies you may have left behind. Looking for a great place for some late-night drinks after the big meeting with your colleagues? They have you covered with its inviting bar & cocktail lounge. They also offer plenty of options to host events for up to 400 attendees or corporate parties up to 600 people. 

One problem I often encounter in the New York hotels I have stayed in before has been poor wi-fi speeds, but happily I can say that I didn’t miss a beat while staying here. The speed was great, and I could stay updated on all I needed to. 

Traveling with Children?

One of the questions we get asked most often when we travel is whether or not the place is accommodating for families with young children. I can happily say that I have never had a hotel experience be so friendly and welcoming than I had during this trip. This time I traveled with my eldest son and brand new baby, so we got to experience the full spectrum the hotel could offer. The staff were so helpful as we checked in and we happy to check that we had everything we needed in the room for the baby. Another item that made a huge difference, for us, was that the cleaning staff were so quiet even in the halls. Elisey had a few rough nights and during those times that he finally did fall asleep I never worried about having doors slamming in the hallways. It so happened that our room was right across from the staff room for housekeeping on our floor, and I didn’t hear them coming in or out in the hallway once while I was there. Thank you so much to the staff for being so considerate! 

Another item I loved about the hotel was its central market and cafe. Nikola and I often got back late from our activities and there wasn’t time to grab something to eat while we were out, so it was always welcoming to be able to pick something quick up downstairs before heading up to the room. It really was a lifesaver for those long days. 

Decor and Staff

The Park Central New York presents you with a tasteful decor wherever you go. From its lounge and common areas, to the room decor, you really see that you are in a place that cares about its appearance, but they don’t charge you an arm and leg for it. While not considered a budget-hotel, the Park Central also offers options for many different budget levels. No matter where you stay in the hotel though each guest is welcomed and treated as the most important there could be. 

So, it doesn’t matter the reason, the Park Central really does offer each guest a enjoyable and relaxing stay while you come to experience the Big Apple. 

*Thank you to the Park Central Hotel New York for partnering with LIvingNotes for this post.



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