Welcome to the new Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Welcome to the new Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford


*This post is done in partnership with Stanford Children’s Health and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Hi guys, not a typical post, but a very important one today. Any parent will tell you that one of their top concerns when it comes to their children is to always make sure they stay healthy. I was so excited to hear about the opening of the all-new children’s hospital on Stanford in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.  This is a fresh and modern facility that greatly enhances Bay Area pediatric care, and can now care for more children and families.

For all of you moms in the Bay Area that are constantly asking about good pediatric care, I highly recommend you take notice of this is one.


Family-First Design

I love that all the facilities have been designed with the whole family in mind. As a mom of seven, I can tell you that when a child is sick, having the whole family around them dramatically aids in the recovery process. So, it has been so pleasant to see that all the rooms and facilities are built with that in mind. No parent ever enjoys seeing their child being sick. It’s heartbreaking on so many levels, but it has been very reassuring to see all the ways that the hospital has thought about caring for the family as well.

One aspect that has been great to notice is the rooms have been designed with the understanding that the child will have family around them. The rooms are large and comfortable and have nice additions for those who will be staying in the room with the child. It’s so nice to know that if I need to stay with my baby, there is a bed for me as well, and not just a chair. Not that I’ll be getting much rest. No mom really can rest when their child is sick, but knowing it is there is very comforting.


The other thing that has been very nice to notice are all the outside and indoor features for kids to play and be in nature. There are games and activity rooms where kids can just be kids and forget for a time that they are in a hospital. It’s the perfect diversion for young kids, who are with the patients, or even the children themselves, who may be receiving treatment at the hospital. I’ve always found that when something serious is happening, letting kids play helps to take their minds off it and to better prepare them for the situation.


Technological Innovations

Another wonderful feature of the hospital is its innovations in medical technology. Being situated on the Stanford campus and in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford Children’s Health was able to work closely with some of the smartest minds to create a truly integrated approach to equipment and care facilities with a child-focused design. Who else could come up with things like:

  • Virtual reality distraction therapy like games and videos. I mean can you imagine how excited kids will be and not be paying attention to the fact that they are being treated? Letting kids be kids helps distract them, and takes care and treatment to a higher level.
  • Thematic, colorful MRI rooms all aimed at getting treatments in the hospital less scary, which is very important. I have experienced with my own kids that if they are scared, there is very little I can do to help them, and sometimes the stress itself on them is more damaging than anything else that going on around them.
  • New state-of-art technology that will improve how they care for even the smallest patients (Being a mom of a preemie myself, I’m never going to stop being amazed at how important good technology and care are and how many problems they can resolve).
  • My absolute favorite part though, are their operating suites (there will be six of them) with equipment in the same room that will help minimize the number of surgeries and procedures needed, so kids don’t have endure surgeries or go under anesthesia. Parents can be less stressed/ worried. That alone is one of the biggest reasons to bookmark this hospital. Less invasion, where possible, is always better for kids.


Caring For the Environment

Part of the design approach of the hospital has been centered around sustainability. It may not be the first thing that we as parents are concerned about when it comes to our children’s health, but as a member of the community here, it is good to know that the people behind the hospital design have really done their best to make it have a low impact on the environment around it. They have incorporated the latest in renewable energy and water conservation equipment being used.


Its design to harmonize with nature adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the facility. Studies have shown countless times that people heal better in a welcoming, natural environment, and children are even more susceptible to that.


There are many more items of care and design that have gone into the building of the all-new building. For more details, you can visit their new microsite to see and explore the new features.

A Welcoming Approach to Care

It is exciting for families in the Bay Area to have access to such a wonderful facility right nearby. If your child ever needs advanced medical care, I think it’s fantastic that parents can have access to a hospital like this. Have any of you been on one of their pre-opening tours? What did you guys think?


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