A Brief Look Back

A Brief Look Back


*This post is done in partnership with Rogaine®

Justin chiming in today. 2017 came to an end, and it was filled with a wonderful whirlwind of activity and change for us. For our family, the end of the year is double the fun as we celebrate not just one Holiday with the tree, but two! As many of you know, we have two mixed cultures, that which is American and the other is Eastern European from Olya’s side. For the kids, they get the fun of celebrating the magic more than once. I always found it much better to incorporate both together rather than trying to choose one to be the focus.

The kids have always loved the magic decorating and playing around the tree brings, and for me, as a dad, I love seeing the excitement in their eyes as each Holiday approaches. It's a magical time for them, and we always try to keep it that way for them.

The other thing about the end of the year for me is that I try to take a little time to look back on the year and identify all the good and positive things that have happened so that I can improve and add to them in the year to come. One event that will always mark 2017 as a wonderful year was the arrival of our newest son, Elisey. There really is no way to describe the joy it brings as a dad to have another wonderful little person join the family. He is a little bundle of happiness and you can’t help but smile each time he looks at you with his happy little face. :)

Another positive change for me was a collaboration (a fun one I might add) that I have been doing together with Rogaine® over the last several months. I have enjoyed sharing some of the fun moments with the kids and more on just being a dad and everything that comes with it. I don’t know if I would have taken the leap to begin my own hair journey as soon as I did, but I am glad that the timing worked to start the collaboration now instead of later. I’ll definitely be sharing more as I continue with the program.

It hasn’t quite been a full year since I started with the treatment, but I can say that I have been liking what I have seen so far. I’ll put a couple photos below to compare, but I have been seeing a difference. It isn’t too dramatic yet, but it has brought a positive improvement from my side, and more so it’s a confidence booster to know that something that I am doing has been positive.

You may not think that you could use the help of a hair treatment, or you may know that you already need a lot of help. I would say the sooner you start with Rogaine® the better it will be. It’s our hair guys, and even though we don’t always admit it out loud, we do care about it. Who else is with me on that one? :)

So, what are some of your positive moments from 2017? I’d love to hear about them and you can share them here or on the Instagram feed. Either way, I am excited to see. Happy New Year to all of your for 2018!


No worries he was just hungry and while he was going back and forth between smiling :)


a quick look back on some favorites from 2017


a quick little before and after, the first was done about the middle of 2017 and the right is just recently. It isn't too dramatic yet, but I have seen some difference, and more so I started noticing some more growth in other parts of my hair.




Welcome to the new Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Welcome to the new Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford