The Magic Pumpkin

The Magic Pumpkin

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Once upon a time there were two friends, Penny the peacock and Flare the Flamingo. They loved playing together and exploring, and each year during harvest season they always looked for a special magic pumpkin to bring them good luck during the winter to come. The day came for their magic pumpkin hunt, and the birds decided that they wanted to go to one of the special pumpkin patches in the area that everyone had been talking about. They were so excited to go, but when they arrived they were taken by surprise at how many pumpkins there were and with all the people around.


“We will never be able to find our special pumpkin with all these people around,” said Penny.

“And how can we tell which pumpkin in the right magical one?” said Flare, “There are too many to choose from.”

Feeling a little sad and upset, the two birds started to turn around when they heard a conversation going on nearby…

“Hey, want to see some magic, little lady bug?” they heard. “Ok, I’d love to see some, but not from you Mr. Bee, your magic always leads to trouble.”

Penny turned to Flare and said, “Let’s go find out who is saying that, they are talking about magic. Surely they could probably help us find the magic pumpkin we are looking for.”

The birds headed over towards the voices and found Ms. Ladybug and Mr. Bee is conversation.

“Hi, we heard you talking about magic and we were wondering if you knew how to find a magic pumpkin," said Flare. “Could you help us find one?,” She asked.

“See Ms. Ladybug, people can recognize talent when they see it,” said Mr. Bee turning to Ms. Ladybug. “I’d be delighted to help you two beautiful birds. Mr. Bee at your service.”

“Don’t you get started Mr. Bee, you know you will only cause trouble if you try to use your magic here. There are too many people that could get in the way.,” said Ms. Ladybug.

“Well, I guess you may be right, but I do know a secret little place where I’m sure you will be able to find what you are looking for. Why don’t we all just fly there.” said Mr. Bee.

“We’d love to,” answered Flare, "but Penny here is a peacock and can’t fly properly, and I’m still very little.”

“Hmmmm,” muttered Mr. Bee. “In that case we will have to use a different way. Follow me, and I’ll take you to my magic horse friends, they know the way to the magic train that happens to go to the place I am thinking of.


So, with that, the 4 new friends set out after Mr. Bee to find his magic horses. After a short trip and they were able to board the magic train that would take them to Mr. Bee’s secret hideaway patch for magic pumpkins.

“What a fun place!” exclaimed Flare. “This will be just perfect, I’m sure we can find a pumpkin here. Do we ask Mr Scarecrow where to go?


Then Penny saw the special patch full of perfect pumpkins. “These are just right, let’s go find our magic pumpkin, Flare,” as she speed over to the little collection of perfect pumpkins.

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After a little bit the friends had found the perfect pumpkin and were just about to go when Mr. Bee showed them the little white box to pay for the pumpkin.

“But we forgot to bring any money,” said Flare with some sadness, “What are we going to do now?”

“Don’t worry, little birds,” Said Ms. Ladybug. “I will get Mommy, and she will be able to help you.”

With that Ms. Labybug speed away and came back after a little bit with Mommy. “I’ll be delighted to help you two little birds to pay for your magic pumpkin,” she said, “but to make the magic work even better you need go back to the first pumpkin patch and find some good pumpkins to give to people who are in need. There are lots of kids, whose mommies and daddies can’t help them buy things, but everybody should have fun, and have some yummy pumpkins for holidays. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course they should,” answered both of the birds together.

“After you do this, come back and see me, and I’ll give you the money for your magic pumpkin,” replied Mommy.

“Of course we will!” said the friends, and with that Mr. Bee led the way back to the magical train that took them to the magic horses, who got them back to the pumpkin patch.


The 4 friends entered the patch and came upon some houses all covered with pumpkins. As they began to start looking and picking they heard voices call out of a window ... “What are doing to my beautiful house?” Suddenly a mouse popped out to see what was happening.


“Who is out there?” called a deeper voice, and out popped Mr. Dinosaur.

“Oh, we are sorry, we saw these beautiful pumpkins and thought they might be good to give to others to make their holiday happy., “ Said Penny. We didn’t know it was your house.

“Don’t worry,” said Ms. Mouse, you are new here. “Why don’t you let Mr. Dinosaur and I take you around and give you a tour? After all, Mr. Dinosaur knows all the best spots to pick the pumpkins from.”

“That would be delightful,” said Flare

“It is very nice to meet you both,” said Penny. “May we see your lovely homes first? They look so fun to be made up of pumpkins, then we would love to go with you.”

“It would be my pleasure, little friends,” Said Mr. Dinosaur


The birds had a great time exploring the pumpkin houses, and shortly afterwards Mr. Dinosaur brought up the pumpkin wagon and they set off to explore and see their way around the patch. This time not being afraid, and they even had some extra fun along the way. It wasn’t too long before they had picked out some very nice and fun pumpkins to share.

“I know that little Mr. Lion would love a pumpkin,” mentioned Penny. “He always loves the little pumpkins, but he hasn’t been able to get out to pick one this year.”

“You are right, Penny, let’s go visit him first.”

And with that, the two birds said goodbye to Mr. Dinosaur and Ms. Mouse and left to start sharing their pumpkins, with Mr. Lion being the first one to see.

After giving out their pumpkins, the two birds went back with Mr. Bee and Ms. Ladybug to the secret hideaway and were given the money to pay for their special magic pumpkin.

“This is going to be the best Holiday season ever,” said Flare.

“And it is even better because we got to share it with our new friends and make others happy too.” Said Penny as they headed back home with their pumpkin.

We loved sharing this fun story in collaboration with Hanna Andersson. The kids always have the best time playing this time of year, and the imagination collection has been a fun tradition for us to use for imagination play. After all, sometimes all it takes is a pair of pajamas, some wings and accessories and imagination can take flight.

We would love to read your stories. Write us back, or Message us on Instagram your fun imagination story, and we will pick our favorite to publish. The winner will receive a special holiday gift from Hanna Andersson.

We can’t wait to see what you share.


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