Family Fun with AncestryDNA Traits

Family Fun with AncestryDNA Traits

Ancestry DNA Traits Family Fun

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This is by far my favorite time of the year. The leaves are turning colors, it’s a little cooler (We are in Los Angeles after all :) ) and everyone seems to be getting into that “Holiday Mood.” During this time of year we also love spending time playing games and showing the little ones how much fun the Holidays can be. It is such a magical time for them.

Last year, we got to share a fun gift idea to give AncestryDNA kits for the Holidays. It was so much fun to get the results back and see many of the aspects that make each of us who we are and where our roots were. For me it was a given that I have strong roots in Eastern Europe, but Justin’s make up was all over Europe and Scandinavia. How many of you that have tried AncestryDNA also found some surprises in your origins?

For those that are new to hearing about Ancestry, it is one of the best platforms to help to connect with family and friends and learn the deeper story behind what makes us unique and similar based from over 30 years of research, and it’s the world’s largest platform for consumer genomics and family history.

This year they added a brand new feature: AncestryDNA Traits. Guys, it has been so fun looking at the different parts that make us who we are, from our hair color, eye color, ear type, and even some of our taste preferences. There are actually 18 different traits that you can compare and learn about.

Evyainne and Elia were really curious as Justin and I were going through our results and we probably spent the better part of 2 hours having some fun showing them the different parts and the differences and similarities that we had together. You can totally tell the kids take after me in many ways :). And of course seeing who could roll their tongue was definitely a favorite game for them.

Here is another fun fact that you can find out with Traits. Did you guys know that we have genetic markers in our genes that can influence if you prefer salty or sweet foods? You know the saying that someone has a “sweet tooth?” Well, it’s not far off, more of the sweet tongue. One way this may happen is that our genes can influence how our taste buds bind with certain flavors giving us different taste sensitivities.

It’s been really fun using Traits to learn just a bit more about what makes each of us unique, and similar, and the kids sure had a fun time too, especially Nikola who got really interested in all the science they put behind the features, and to help them learn how to develop new and fun experiences for us to interact with on the platform.

You can even compare your traits with those that you connect with through the platform and see what you share and in what ways you are different. The kids also loved seeing how people with different ancestries or ethnic backgrounds may share specific traits.

How about you? Who inherited what from their parents? Which of your kids show similarities with you?

When I talked about this last year, I know that some of you messaged me that you purchased the kits as a gift. I will repeat this once more, and 100 times again. This is one of the best gifts I have every given to myself and Justin and to the family. So many ways to use this and learn, and I’ve been looking forward to the updates that they email you throughout the entire year.

For all of you that got it before, you don’t need to purchase the kit again, you can simply add the new Traits feature as an upgrade for $10.00 through your Ancestry account. The AncestryDNA kit is also great for Holiday gifting, and if you don’t already have the kit for yourself or as a gift you can purchase AncestryDNA and add the Traits feature for just $10.00.

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