10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Little Kids

10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Little Kids

The Holidays are here and like many parents it can be a challenge to find fun gift ideas for young growing minds that are both interesting, engaging, and eco-friendly. Thankfully with our friends over at the Tot, they make it fun to find not only interesting things, but also toys and gifts that meet some of the highest standards for quality and sustainability.

In no particular order here are 10 of our favorite picks that are perfect gifts for both boys and girls ages 2 to 4 and up.


Wooden Railway Set

Whether you are a boy or girl, there is nothing quite like a fun railway set to play with.


Fold & Go Barn

Every young child loves to play with animals and this fun play set let’s their imagination have a great time.


Pack & Play City

For the kids on the go, this is a great activity set that comes with it’s own bag to carry on play on the go.


Lauvely Rose Mermaid

Little girls just love these hand-knitted dolls.


Selfie Color-On Tops

For the creative at heart these color-in tops and clothing are perfect to let your child’s inner artist take flight.


Banwood Balance Bike

A perfect little bike for the toddler ready to join in the fun.

StudioRoofCoolCarsBlackYellow1 (1).jpg

3D Puzzle Cars

Learn to love the joy of puzzles and creativity with these fun 3D puzzle sets from Studio Roof.


OMY Pocket Games

When you are out on the go, these Pocket Games sets are perfect to pack away and pull out for hours of fun on the go.


Baghera Riding Plane

For all those little flyers-in-training. Let their imagination do the flying.


Magnetic Dress-Up Set

For the child who loves to play dress-up with their dolls without the hassle of scissors and paper ripping.


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