3 Tips on Managing Work and Time with Kids

3 Tips on Managing Work and Time with Kids

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On LivingNotes it’s no secret that one of the topics that always comes up is the work-life balance with having a family of 7 children. I am often asked: How do you do it all and manage time with the kids? One secret is that I don’t do it ALL, I don’t think anybody can do ALL, but I certain do work to get many things done.

Here are 3 tips that I have been using recently that can help to balance work, family, time with kids, and everything else that I spend my time on.

These are in no particular order:

Q. How do you manage both kids and work?

Schedule!. I schedule everything to the T. Minute by minute oftentimes. 5 minutes is a LOT of time for me when used effectively. My schedule would probably look ridiculous to a majority of people, but it absolutely works for me.

It also evolves. Constantly. As things change here and there, as the workflow changes, or kids’ needs change, I make adjustments so that it works best for all.

I also use cabs to get to and from places vs. driving so that I can use that time for work too.

Q. What do you do when something unexpected happens? If everything is scheduled to the minute, how do you manage?

I always have 2 hours blocked off on my schedule every day during reasonable work hours. This is an “emergency window.” If something goes wrong during the day and I need more time, this is the window that I use to shuffle things around or use it as an additional time cushion. Usually something always needs additional time during the day, but if not - this is an extra window to spend some more time with the kids, family, friends, or just by myself.

Q. How do you find energy for kids after work?

This is a good question, and with 100% honestly, the kids are my rejuvenation after a working day. I look forward to it. Tantrums do happen, but so much less in recent years, and I think it’s because of the experience and wisdom that came over the many years of motherhood. For me, having BOTH, family and work, is what keeps me at my balance.

Do I get tired? Of course I do, but who doesn’t? Self-care is a huge part of my life too.

Would you like me to write more on this topic? What other questions would you like me to answer?

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