An Excerpt from Letters to Madame

An Excerpt from Letters to Madame

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An excerpt from a letter that made us all tear up. We changed the referral to “Madame”, took out some personal details and got the approvals to publish from the reader.
Not all letters are like this. Some are funny. Some are inspirational. But some touch the deepest fibers of your heart. This one did for us. Just read. #LettersToMadame

“Dear Madame,

Why can’t I just be enough? Why do I have to be perfect at everything? Why is it never good enough no matter what I do?! Ever since my childhood, I was expected to become this perfect something that doesn’t exist.

You know the crazy part? I was. I was that “perfect something that doesn’t exist”. I achieved all that was expected of me and more. I never disobeyed. I always brought good grades. I always listened to advice. I never really had any true friends. Not even pets. Not really. But I never complained. Why would I? I loved everyone just because they WERE who they were. I loved everyone.

You know what’s even more crazy?
Even when I exceeded all expectations, I never heard a simple “well done!”.
I was told “well, it’s good, but you could do even better”.
So I tried. And tried. And tried. And tried.
I wanted everyone to be happy.

Fast forward to adulthood.

It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s still never good enough. I achieved so much! More then some do in their entire lives! But it’s still not good enough! The plank just keeps being raised higher, and higher, and higher.


When I ask that question, I always hear “because I love you! It’s good for you!”
But where is LOVE?!

And where is that so-called good?!

And most importantly... why can’t “I” just simply be enough? Without all the bells and whistles?
Why can’t I just receive that which I have always given: the love that it not measured by “somethings”, but is just that: LOVE.


And also... why can’t I simply CHOOSE my path, MY life, and my own happiness?”
{ your reader}


~ My dear Reader,
Please, know that you ARE enough. Without bells and whistles. You are.
And ALWAYS will be.

And I can assure you, that you are loved for just being you. I am confident.

Love is a tricky thing for some to understand, and  even trickier to express sometimes. You are asked so much, but I am sure that all of it is fueled by love and desire for you to have endless happiness.Also, know one thing - no matter how challenging things may seem now, all that which you have done, has a purpose.Sometimes there comes a point in life when we have to choose one path, that is not always the path we envisioned before or the path that aligns with opinions of those, who are by us.

If you are facing this choice today, remember this:
Choose that which makes you happiest, that which your heart tells you is right for you, and stay kind. Life comes in puzzle pieces. But I promise, when you look back, you will see the beautiful picture and you will understand all of your “why”s.
Read on to what others have to add to this just below.

Friends, I think, if not all, many of us can relate - what can you say to the reader above?

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