2 More Reasons to Love the New Uber

2 More Reasons to Love the New Uber

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There's no doubt that Uber, as a ride service, has a lot of good things going for it. In recent weeks I shared some of their recent new safety features, and today I wanted to tell about one more new feature, but first let's talk about the main benefit of Uber.

Available When You Need It

The other day Justin and I were on the way to go to a meeting in another part of the city, and as soon as we pulled out to get going we knew we were not going to make it.

The car was acting up, and it was clear that if we tried to make it there by driving we were definitely going to be late, or not make it at all. Thankfully, we didn't need to think twice. We pulled over and called an uberX. In just a few minutes we were on our way again and back on schedule. It was so helpful to know that in a bind, Uber is a perfect option.

Another nice thing is that many of the locations that I go to in the city are not always convenient for parking, so very often I choose to take an Uber to my meetings or events rather than deal with the hassle of parking.

Taking Advantage of the New Spotlight Feature

A few of Uber's newest features are definitely worth mentioning. When you schedule a new ride in the app, one of the options, Spotlight, allows you to choose a color to light up your phone with. This turns your phone's display to show that color as a signal and make it easier for your driver to find you in a crowded space, especially at night. Another new feature, Pickup Messages, allows you to message your driver with key information about your location, and even add in things like a clothing description to make it easier for drivers to locate you.

I had the best time with the kids the other day as we went out to get lost and have fun in the city. Our first Uber driver said he had a fun time picking out Yeva’s blue romper and my blue shorts, and our second driver was able to pick us out of the crowd with the new color I chose. Since then, I've literally been using these features anytime I’m in a crowded place. It saves the trouble of making a call to your driver and trying to figure out the best place to meet.

It’s just one more way that Uber has been making the rider experience that much more useful, safe, and convenient.

Anyone else tried these new features? Wouldn't you agree it's a perfect choice to have?

Enjoy the photos below! Any suggestions on where we should go exploring next?


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