Do Differences Attract in a Relationship?

Do Differences Attract in a Relationship?

I am polar opposites with Justin, and so similar at the same time.

Isn’t it interesting, how things work out?

~ he is American through and through in his upbringing. S’mores, PB&J, barbecue on 4th of July type of American.

~ I was raised in the best traditions of Eastern-European and European cultures alike. Music and arts were HUGE for me.

~ he was training to be an AirForce officer when we met.

~ I was full-on, up to my ears, professional performer. NOT planning on detouring anywhere.

~ he wanted LOTS of kids.

~ I wanted one. Maybe two, if persuaded.

And yet...

~ even though he was in the Air Force ROTC, with prospectives of a pilot, he was heavily involved with all performing arts while in college. He danced with a University performing company, and he asked me out because we had fun being dance partners for an annual performance the University we were at, held.

Stole my heart by dancing. And then secured it by playing piano, recorder and saxophone.

Fun fact? I managed to get myself into AirForce ROTC boot camp too. As in, the real one, uniform wearing and all. That’s a very long story 😂. But it was a great conversation starter!

~ we both see things differently from the cultures we were raised in, turns out our views are very much in sync with each other.

~ we look at parenting and gender roles the same. It never was even a question - kind of fell in its own grove by itself, naturally.There is no “my job”-“your job” type of a thing. If something needs to be done, the first to see it, does what needs to be done

~ none of us have extended family in our lives. Mine are too far, he doesn’t have anyone.

~ we both love arts or all kinds. We can spend hours at the gallery, discussing the new trends/photography or marveling over masterpieces.

~ we both have love and appreciation for different cultures, traditions and food. There isn’t anything we don’t try. We may not adopt it as a regular, but we will try everything.

That’s just a few small things. Funny, how life works out, right?

Are you similar or a polar opposite of each other with your second half?
I’m curious - have your differences worked out or have they become a stumbling stone?

Are you more similar or more different in daily life?

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