How Do You Stay in the Game?

How Do You Stay in the Game?

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How many of you have ever gone through a challenge, and come out of it a better person? How many have had to fight to stay in the game, so to speak?  I’m sure many of us had at some point in our lives, and today I wanted to share a personal story from my teenage years that helped to shape me into the person that I am today.

As a teenager in school I had a challenge with Track & Field. PE was always hard for me. I was a "dancing girl" with all the flexibility in the world, but not a “game playing /fitness/ track & field” girl. It really weighed me down at times, and as a teen girl, it started to take on my confidence. Everyone wants to be cool and fun. I set a challenge for myself to break through and get better at PE.

I signed up for the Track & Field after school club. I was absolutely horrible at everything. So, I started to train myself. I would run every night with my dad at first, and then I shifted my runs to early mornings and would get up before anyone else was up, so I could practice. I was made fun of - you know, things teens do - but I just kept my eyes on horizon and kept running.

Long story short, at the end of the semester I came in 3rd in a school marathon, which was a big deal for me. Long distance running, that used to be my weakness, became my strength. For myself, this became one of the breaking points that taught me that nothing is impossible IF you work hard at it.

Now that some of my girls are entering their teenage years, I have made it a point to help each of them to find the thing that challenges them and help them work to overcome it. While my girls love to run and play like many of their peers, they also wanted to get good at Volleyball.

While we were back in San Francisco I got them started with some classes and they all loved to go and learn, but as they started to get older and some of the peer pressures started they started to back off from playing as much. Just like my dad did with me as a teenager I decided to step in to help them in a very non-judging way. It’s been great to be next to the beach where Volleyball nets can easily be found, and there are always people and kids around to join in the fun when you want to, so they have started gaining their confidence back in their abilities.

As I see them work and practice it’s almost as if I am watching my early teen self again and I know that they will remember these times and the hard work that they are putting in now so that their confidence can grow and help them overcome any challenge they may face later on.

What are some challenges you have overcome before? Any sports that were particularly difficult at first, but you began to master as you worked on it?

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Thank you Athleta for empowering me to share my story and I hope it is a little bit of inspiration for you and your teens as well!

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