Back to School with Abercrombie Kids

Back to School with Abercrombie Kids


*This post is brought to you by Abercrombie Kids. While this was a sponsored opportunity, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s back-to-school time! Can you believe it?!

I love summer, but I love BTS vibes more, although in LA we kind of get to have both - lucky or what?!

I’ve loved school prep time since childhood. There is something about getting your backpack ready, buying pens, pencils, and notebooks, prepping new outfits and, of course, the excitement of seeing friends again! It’s just as fun to prep kids for school being a mom. Love putting lists together, love finding new things, love the excitement of it all.

I’m going to kick off the back-to-school series with some cool denim looks for you to consider! Nadya and I had a lot of fun in Abercrombie Kids store over the weekend (have you been to Abercrombie Kids stores?! They have coolest layouts similar to adult stores! I love the moose! Did you notice, the one in kids’ stores is smaller?), looking through all of their new collections and putting together outfits for everyone.

I always put a big focus on denim because:

a) jeans are so versatile and easy to match everything! If you have a pair of good jeans, they will take you from school, to the playground, to after-school classes.

b) jeans are always cool, and I love that Abercrombie’s back-to-school collection has such a wide range of styles! There is something for everyone, from elastic waist pull-on leggings to ultra skinnies (with beads! I may or may not have tried on a 15/16 size for myself too) for girls to sweatpants stretch (that looks like jeans but feels like sweats) to fun skinny styles for boys.

c) I am an incurable denim lover who passed the “denim-loving” gene to my kids. They are also obsessed with jeans, but keep scrolling! You will see why!

d) Abercrombie’s back-to-school sales are hard to beat! Honestly! You would think we spent a lot more than we did. I’m still skip-hopping about the deals we walked into (they have them online too! Right now they are giving 40% off site-wide so it’s a perfect time to shop)

Also, although I love all the outfits, I have to give a special highlight to Abercrombie’s Everybody collection. It’s gender neutral and very cute. Vasilisa and Evyianne are ecstatic! They are so close to each other, you should have seen their faces when they realized that they both have the same t-shirt styles.

We put together looks for all, from kindergartner to high-schooler.

Tell me, which look is your favorite?

Also, I am debating still if I should add this too for Nikola and get this for one of the girls? What do you think?

Scroll through the photos to see the different choices that the kids and I made for everyone. How did we do?


PS: if we couldn’t move back to Manhattan, I’m going to bring a piece of it to LA via Abercrombie. Pretty good compromise, do you agree?


Nikola’s Look 1

Denim Jeans / Jacket / T-Shirt


Nikola’s Look 2

Denim Jeans / Jacket / T-Shirt



Nadya’s Look 1

Denim Skirt / Shirt

Nadya’s Look 2

Pearl Jeans / Sweater



Yeva’s Look 1

Denim Patch Jeans / Shirt / Denim Jacket

Yeva’s Look 2

Denim Jeans / Red Jacket / Sequin Tee



Vasilisa’s Look 1

Denim Joggers / Shirt / Sweater

Vasilisa’s Look 2

Pearl Jeans / Red Jacket / Sweater



Evyianne’s Look 1

Denim Joggers / Shirt / Denim Jacket

Evyianne’s Look 2

Denim Jeans / T-Shirt


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