5 Tips to Unlock Your Memory's Potential

5 Tips to Unlock Your Memory's Potential


Whether we realize it or not, our memory can be one of our greatest assets throughout our life. Everything from making great choices for style, to cooking a meal, and business success all stem from how we use our minds throughout the day. 

Just like we have the need to work and exercise to maintain our muscles and keep ourselves healthy and fit, our brains also need to be worked and used to stay strong. Here are 5 tips that can be used to help strengthen and work our minds.

1. Use your memory more often

It may seem a bit intuitive, but one of the best ways to maintain and improve your memory is to use it more frequently. 

Nowadays we are so caught up in planners, calendars, to do lists, that sometimes we just write something down or set a reminder because we don’t want to take the effort to remember it. We let the tools do it for us. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that we should not do those things, but before writing something down, practice going through the task by memory a few times beforehand, and each day when you are checking your planner, practice remembering all the items you have scheduled before you look. 

Also, another everyday situation to help work your memory is to use it more actively in regular situations, such as when you greet a person and ask for their name, don’t just respond with “nice to meet you,” but rather respond with “nice to meet you, John” or whatever the person’s name is. Use their name more often. Not only does it help to work your memory, but people do like being referred to by name, so you win points for that too.

2. Practice New Ways of Doing Tasks Often

This tip helps us to build and create new neural pathways on a regular basis which helps us to be able to remember and be able to do more tasks efficiently. 

Practice this by thinking and doing things differently to accomplish a task. Using the task of organizing your desk as an example, maybe you normal would put off organizing it for the whole week and then you tackle it all at once. Instead try consciously thinking about parts of the things that need to be organized each day and do them. You can learn new habits and better practices by doing new things regularly.

3. Always be Learning

It may sound pretty simple, and obvious, but if we constantly are learning new things, our brains are working and improving. So, set some goals and start learning something new. Maybe it’s a language you’ve wanted to speak, maybe it’s learning new recipes, maybe it’s learning to dance. It really doesn’t matter as long as we are constantly working to learn new things the brain keeps working and improving.

4. Exercise Regularly

Just like working your mind specifically will help your brain function, so does your regular fitness. As we work and move our bodies, it also enables the brain to be able to process information faster and be more alert.

5. Eat right

Eating and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is essential if you want to maintain good memory. Eating good foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal brain health. Another fun fact is that dark chocolate is also a key element to maintain strong brain health. Not too much of course, but having some each day and particularly if you are going to be doing something that requires more ability, such as taking a test, a few bites of dark chocolate will help to give you that extra boost of flavonoids and antioxidants that target the brain. 

So, there are 5 quick tips to help boost your brain function, and here’s to a successful new week.

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