5 Tips to Great Hair

5 Tips to Great Hair

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Everybody is busy in today’s world, and when it comes to moms, we are ten times as busy as any other part of the population, but I have learned over the years that taking care of yourself is very important and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

I don’t know about you, but hair is my number one key to confidence and to a good day. In my book, a bad hair day equals a bad day, period. I swear things just turn upside down. I have also learned a few tips and tricks to keep myself feeling good, and looking great. As much as I would like to spend half the day to glam myself up, I don’t have the time, I don’t think anybody does. Unless you are going to the Oscars or Emmys, nobody has that kind of luxury.

I don’t wash my hair every day. That alone gives me a lot of extra time. So here is my first tip:

1: Great Haircut

Find a good stylist and get a really good haircut. Haircuts can be expensive, especially if you get to a top stylist, but let me tell you, it’s absolutely worth it. A good haircut will cut your styling time in more than half, and it will look good regardless of whether you curl it, blow dry it, or just air dry it. I prefer layers. That seems to work best for my hair type, but we are all different, so just research and find the best option for you.

2: Good Hair Styling Products & Dry Shampoo

This is my second tip that is absolutely essential for keeping hair healthy, happy, and well-styled. A good styling product will allow for the hair style to last at least a couple of days if you sleep carefully on it, which saves you time.  

Right along the lines of the product is dry shampoo. I think everybody is best friends with dry shampoo nowadays. It has seriously changed my life in the best way possible, but dry shampoos and products have one serious drawback: they build up in your hair and can cause breakage, dull hair, and a whole other slew of problems that you don’t want to have, especially if you color your hair, or are a blonde.

So, tip #3 is probably one of the most important ones:

3. Great Clarifying/Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner

I steered clear away from those for years because of the fear that they will strip my hair color. If you color your hair, you would know how hard it can be to achieve the shade that you want. So the last thing you want to do is to use a product that will strip that color. Pantene, however just released a brand new collection that features the benefits of activated charcoal.

I’ve been trying the Pantene Charcoal Collection on my hair for a couple of weeks, and I am extremely pleased. As a matter of fact, I was at an event just the other week that had a lot of stylists, and throughout the event I received several compliments on how beautiful my hair was. This was doubly pleasant to hear because I was very much due for a touch-up on my color. I’ve heard words such as healthy, shiny, bouncy, and beautiful shade, which made me smile from ear to ear because the only thing that was different was the fact that I have been using a different shampoo and conditioner. I have noticed that my hair has brightened slightly, but I thought that was just my personal perception.

So, I dived in more to find out why the Charcoal Collection from Pantene worked as good as it did. Here are a few fun things I found:

Pantene’s Charcoal Collection Shampoo: with a blend of activated Charcoal, pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants the shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp to draw out and remove the dirt and impurities, like a magnet does, that can become embedded there, and if you have a more oily scalp, the blend helps to reset the balance which will leave your hair feeling lighter and refreshed and also give you extra time between washes. I love that it is also silicone-free, and free of all dyes and parabens.

Pantene’s Charcoal Collection Conditioner: with its blend of White Charcoal, pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants, helps to rinse and remove any lingering impurities and restore a natural shine and resilience to the hair. You will want to use this after the shampoo, and it is also Pantene’s first silicone-free, dye-free, and paraben-free conditioner.

I usually wash my hair and then put on the conditioner, and leave in for 2 to 3 minutes to let the product do its magic. The best part is that it rinses out quickly, cutting your overall time dramatically.

*Interesting fact that you may or may not know: the average person’s hair can accumulate up to 4% of its weight in build-up. So, after washing with Pantene’s Charcoal Collection you literally feel lighter.

So, in connection with Tip #3, make sure you have a good clarifying shampoo.

4. Wash Your Hair at Night and Let it Air Dry

I don’t always follow my lead here on this one. Sometimes I’m just too tired to wash my hair at night, but I highly recommend washing the hair in the evening and letting it air dry. It keeps the hair healthy and allows for the oils to work their way through the hair during the night so that you can easily style it in the morning. You know that second-day hair that looks absolutely awesome? You totally get that if you wash at night minus the second-day hair drawbacks that sometimes happen.

5. Learn Cute Hairstyle Options

Sometimes you are just in too much of a time pinch to do anything. A few cute ponytails and other quick styles have really saved my day. So, Google some tutorials, Pinterest has some great ones, and so does YouTube.

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These are my 5 essential tips. What about you guys? What do you do to keep your hair looking bright, shiny, and healthy?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.

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