2 Mothers 2 Outcomes

2 Mothers 2 Outcomes

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Life and motherhood: Two real stories from two real women. Very interesting, in my opinion.
Tell me what you think.

Two young women live at the same time and are the same age. Both are being pressured by society and surroundings that it’s time for them to marry and start a family. Both are introduced to young men by friends in hopes the magic would “click”. Woman A is a successful, educated, thriving professional. Maybe she is a year or two “behind”, per societal marital norms, but she is a social butterfly and the thought of being left alone never even crossed her mind. She is happy where she is and the attention is plenty.

Woman B was taught that education has a lesser value, and marriage and kids is where it’s all at. She studied some, but quickly re-focused her energy in finding the “right match”. Unfortunately, life would have it that “right matches” weren’t coming along, so, desperate for a solution ( as the time continued to pass) she married the first guy who extended the offer.

Fast-forward many years ahead.
Both women had and raised children.
Except there is a big difference.

Women A devoted her life equally to both: the job she loved and the family she raised. She instilled in her kids that they should fly as high as they see fit, encouraged to brave the unknown and was there to help. She let her kids go, never expecting anything of them but to be happy. As kids grew into adults, they started to try to give everything and more back to their mother, making up for sacrifices a woman A had to make in life while raising them.

Women B spent her years crafting the family she imagined would be “the proper & perfect” family, even if that meant that kids were often forced to live two different lives, as her compromise with them was such that AT HOME they followed certain way of living, but outside of a home/ after a certain age they could do whatever they wanted. As kids grew, she continued to instill the importance of them listening to her and living “the right way, as the mother teaches”. She has done all she could to ensure that all kids stay as close as possible to her.

“Close enough for me to help if needed” was her reasoning. It sounded right, but, surprisingly, almost none of the kids stayed near by.

And despite of a Woman B endlessly repeating that her big house with a large dining room was there so that they all would have monthly dinners together, half of the kids always had excuses and didn’t come back much once they left home.

Up to this day, Woman B thinks up that her kids are ungrateful. She gave them a lot more than Woman A ever did, who was not even a “real” mother ( per Women’s B belief ), but they don’t appreciate it and are making terrible choices by not living the life the right way ( which is the way she sees life).

A question for all of you: what do you think about these situations?
On one hand, we have the woman who devoted her life to a career. She didn’t spend much time with her kids.
On the other, we have a woman who spent ALL her life creating what should have been a perfect family, but it didn’t work out.

Why? Why did this happen? Are the kids truly ungrateful? Is a working woman by default less of a mother? I mean, in some ways, she can be. I know from experience that there definitely are moments I miss when I am gone working. It’s heart-breaking sometimes, it is without a doubt a privilege to be able to see little kids grow every step of the way.

On the other hand, a woman devoted her life to kids, and yet they didn’t do what she pictured all her life they would. Why? Wouldn’t it be natural for kids to want to pay back for the love the woman gave them? After all, she spent all the years crafting a family. . I have ( as always ) my own view on this, which I will share, of course, too, but tell me, what do YOU think on the topic?

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