3 Clean Foundations for Every Skin Type

3 Clean Foundations for Every Skin Type

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Choosing the right foundation is tricky enough. As it is there is not enough makeup out there, and it doesn’t help that every brand claims to be THE one you need.

It is important to find the right shade, but it is even more important to find the formula that is right for you. Topping it off with a good-for-your-skin option would be the best of all worlds, wouldn’t you agree?

I wanted to dedicate some time to clean foundations and find three best options that would cover every need one may have.

My standards are high. Very high.

The foundation, apart from being clean, has to sit well on the skin, look natural (even with full coverage), wear long ( because who has time for endless touchups?) and be buildable.

I’ve tested a lot of different options over the last few months and here is a roundup of my 3 favorite foundations.

KOSAS tinted face oil

Sounds a little crazy, but this is a "crazy-incredible" formula that I absolutely love!

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You can have any coverage you need, from nearly-transparent to medium to full. It look JUST like your skin. Wears incredibly well. I actually run a water-test on all foundations to see if they would resist sweat and weather. Left-over habits from years of dancing and trying to find makeup that would be able to hold up to stage demands. And then it translated in life too. After all, why wouldn’t we want to have something that can last morning to night, right? This tinted oil does not budge even under a strong tap water pressure.

A tip: make sure to let it dry before touching, it will dry off seamlessly.

Best part of this all? It is a skin-care makeup, and it actually works. After a few days of wearing it I couldn’t help but notice that my skin looked… just better: more even, better tone and felt so soft to touch.


  •  you get your coverage depending on how many drops you use. As always, I highly, highly recommend to use less at first. My big mistake was to use too much right away, which made me feel like I had too much oil on my face (because I did).

IF this happens to you, just let it set! Don’t touch it, wait 10-15 minutes for the foundation to soak in. It just takes a little longer.

  • this is a tinted oil and it does a beautiful job being a moisturizer as well. Test and see what works best for you, but for me I found that Kosas works best without a moisturizer. Usually, I clean my face, use a toner, a serum cocktail (this and this), sunscreen and a primer. It stays all day.

  • I don’t set Kosas with powder. It is tempting in the first few minutes, but just let it set on its own. I found that this way not only the foundation wears all day, it looks just as amazing at the end of the day as it does at the start. If you need to use a concealer, use the concealer as the last step after all your makeup and hair are done. This works best.

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VAPOUR BEAUTY atmosphere soft focus foundation.

This is another liquid miracle in a bottle that you want to have in your beauty arsenal.

The claim is that this foundation will enhance your unique beauty with game-changing Fine Art Infused Color and skin nourishing botanicals that deliver flawless, breathable, high-performance coverage.

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You know what, it’s all true. I don’t know how they do it, but this foundation performs incredible on camera. It’s a photoshop-like effects without a photoshop. It also looks incredible under evening light. This is definitely a formula that gives more coverage but it still remains very light. It doesn’t feel heavy. 

The website claims that the Soft Focus liquid formula is a makeup artist favorite and offers a satin finish with buildable medium to full coverage. Designed to balance normal, sensitive and combination skin types. Again, all true.

The organic and wildcrafted antioxidant-rich ingredients in this breakthrough formula include brightening Camellia and Vapour’s proprietary Herbal Enlightenment Complex: Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus to help soothe, calm and protect. And, once more, all true. My skin felt very soft and it had a nice even tone after I took my makeup off.

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JANE IREDALE liquid minerals foundation.

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This is very, very sheer, slightly buildable mineral foundation. There is no magic to this one, but it is a great option if you don’t don’t feel like using Kosas tinted face oil or want to use a rich moisturizer, but still want something that would look “like skin but better”.

I like to set this one with some sort of setting translucent powder so that it lasts all day.

This is it for the roundup! Best part about clean beauty? You can ( although shouldn’t) literally sleep in it.

What do you love? Or what do you want to know the honest feedback on? What should I try next? Let me know!

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