3 Simple Steps that Make for a Cleaner Home

3 Simple Steps that Make for a Cleaner Home


Seems like everyone is talking about detoxing your home and creating a cleaner space around you, but can be very overwhelming to navigate that space.

Here are three simple steps that we found to make a big difference!

Ditch the disposables:


While paper straws are a great alternative to plastic ones, stainless steel ones beat them all! We use these ones and these ones in our home. From personal experience, they are very easy to clean, kids love using them, and apart from making a greener home, they also saved us some cash! A one time investment that paid for itself many times over now.

Another simple switch is to use these reusable bags instead of disposable.


Trust us, you will never go back to plastic! These silicone stashers are extremely durable and you can put almost everything in them! We use them just as much for snacks and sandwiches as we do for fruit and vegetables! (brand: Stasher)

Green up the clean up:


One of the biggest offenders can be the cleaning supplies. Everyone wants a clean home, but clean home that is a green home is even better, wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve been testing many different natural options in our home over the last several months, and here these three are making the top of the current list: The Unscented Company, Supernatural and Tincture London.

Detox the air:

Nothing too new, but essential. One of the biggest differences we felt was when we added an air purifier and paired it up with essential oils. We swear by this molecular purifier, and this essential oil diffuser blends beautifully with any interior (look for an essential guide to essential oils coming your way shortly!)

So, these are 3 steps that we have been using to help our home feel a little cleaner in many ways. With so many options available on the market these days, it really has become much easier to find good and healthy options to make your living space to be more green and clean at the same time.

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