5 Essential Nutrients for Best Hormonal Balance

5 Essential Nutrients for Best Hormonal Balance

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Hormones fluctuate, it’s normal. These fluctuations only become an issue when a delicate balance of endocrine system becomes disrupted. We all know that wholesome nutrition and wellness are nature’s best doctors, no secret here. Here are some of the essential nutrients to look for that help keep delicate female hormones in check!

I will never stop talking about B-vitamins: energy levels as well as many metabolic functions depend on vitamin B complex, and many women fo not get enough. B6 is particularly important, as it can help boost progesterone production to counteract excess estrogen (a top cause of hormonal dysfunction). B6 supports the development of the corpus luteum, which is where all your progesterone originates, and it also works with your liver enzymes to remove excess estrogen from the body and boosts the immune system.

Try this: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw has been one of my personal favorites that faithfully has been serving as my guard during my overly stressful days.


For an additional vitamin B12 boost, try B12 Turbo by HUM. This vegan formula is one of the most effective ones I’ve ever tried. B12 is an important water soluble B vitamin that helps with energy levels, mood and hormone balance. Studies have show that a deficiency can lead to a decrease in energy levels, protein breakdown and neurotransmitter production.

Magnesium plays a big role in supporting pituitary gland, production of FSH (follicular stimulating) LH (luteinizing) and TSH (thyroid stimulating) hormones some of the main pillars that help endocrine system to perform optimally. Irregular ovulation and thyroid function issues, which can lead to bigger hormonal issues, are common side effects that are caused by low levels of the essential hormones above. Magnesium is involved in about 300 catalytic reactions in the body. Frequent headaches or bloated feeling are common signs of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is easily depleted by stress, caffein, soda, some medications.

Try this: I love Base Control as a source of key nutrients. Good diet is essential, but life is life, guys. This formula helps to keep the basic needs covered.

If you are looking for just a source of magnesium, I really like these dissolvable tablets

Liver detoxifier/estrogen metabolizer:
I’ll keep it short and sweet: if the liver is overworked, it cannot perform well. One of the most important functions liver has is to break down excess estrogen. If that doesn’t happen, hormonal disbalance happens which leads to a cascade of problems. Keeping the liver happy is essential

Try this: good old dandelion tea can do miracles! I often brew this one

A healthy micro-biome is essential for management of every hormonal condition imaginable. Not every probiotic is created equally. I am a big fan of Beauty Chef’s formulas for the skin and wellbeing. All of these supplements have different functional purposes, but each contains a very powerful probiotic blend in them too. How cool is that? Win-win on every account. (Also, if you take a nutrition-evaluation test on their site, you get 15% off coupon! You are welcome!  )

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Try this: I really, really like ALL of Beauty Chef blends. I would say, pick the one that speaks to you and enjoy! The benefits are incredible! This Collagen blend is fabulous. It’s a beauty-boosting, bio-fermented probiotic elixir that has been scientifically formulated to help increase collagen production, support healthy skin structure and cultivate a smoother complexion from the inside out.

I also really like this BODY beauty powder. The ingredients in BODY have been bio-fermented using The Beauty Chef’s exclusive Flora Culture™ fermentation process to increase the bio-availability of the nutrients and create a live, broad-spectrum probiotic.

And, I think, everyone should own The GLOW

D3-Omega-3 blend:
Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that vitamin D3 deficiency can be a cause for infertility? Low levels of vitamin D3 can cause estrogen dominance, a disbalance that causes a whole other array of issues. Omegas help regulate levels of prostaglandins that, when produced excessively, cause cramps, affect the mood, etc.

Try this: Hum nutrition OMG! Omega the great! And Here comes the sun ( also by Hum)


There is no taste or after-taste, and the supplement is extremely potent. Here is another fun fact. Fish oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory fats. In an 8-week clinical study of acne patients taking fish oil, 67% reduction in inflammatory lesions was observed. In a 12-week double blind trial of eczema sufferers those using 1.8 g of EPA experienced significant improvement.

Vitamin C:
One of the main nutrients that helps to keep inflammation down, which, in turn, takes the pressure off the immune system and the entire body. It is also one of the best anti-aging  “beauty secrets”.

Try this: Beauty Chef The GLOW:

I think, everyone should own The GLOW and use it on regular bases. 

Here are a few facts to keep in mind about this blend:

Rich in vitamins and minerals - a bio-fermented blend of easily absorbed Certified Organic superfoods, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

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Supports gut health - our exclusive Flora Culture™ fermentation process creates a live, broad spectrum probiotic to support digestive health, immune health and skin radiance*. 

Promotes healthy skin - rich in antioxidants to reduce internal and external inflammation and help calm skin redness, irritation and sensitivity*.

Boosts collagen - contains vitamin C to naturally boost collagen synthesis, resulting in smoother skin

Feeds inner microbiome - rich in prebiotics and soluble fibre to feed the beneficial bacteria residing in your gut. 

Supports skin function - zinc is essential for promoting healthy skin, hair and nails*.

Organic - GLOW is made with Organic ingredients that are grown without any synthetic chemical additives, herbicides or pesticides. 

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