Quality Choices for Bottle-feeding

Quality Choices for Bottle-feeding

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I am often asked by moms what I  use for bottle feeding. I have always been a strong advocate for breastfeeding, but there are times when I may not always be able to breastfeed a child when I am away. I usually leave a storage of breastmilk, especially during the first year. After the first year, I would also supplement with some good formula.   

Choosing The Right Bottle


All of my kids had a hard time taking a bottle. With the last three kids, we did find some success after we found some good quality bottles:

Comotomo Bottles: It's super soft and very much breast-like. This is THE bottle that all my "no-bottle" babies took for the first time.

Baby Brezza: They have both glass and BPA-free plastic options, which I love. My babies loved the shape and the. anti-colic system is GREAT.

Ola Baby: Very similar to Comotomo in design but different at the same time. The nipple positioning is a little off center, which is something that Elisey loves. The body is nice and soft and easy for him to hold just like Comotomo.

Clean Baby Formulas


I add formula during the second year even though I continue to breastfeed because I want to ensure the baby gets enough nutrition. They usually don't nurse as much during the second year and they are still learning to eat a balanced meal, so this is a great way to ensure all nutritional needs are met. Here are two options that we love and are currently using:

Kabrita: We use the toddler formula, and this one is a non-GMO goat milk formula that is gentle on baby's digestion. If you are supplementing and your baby has skin issues, look into this formula. It helped Elia so much a couple of years ago!

Nature's One: The one we use from this brand is their non-GMO LactoRelief DHA & ARA organic formula. They have a variety of dairy and non-dairy options if you are looking for one.

We are always looking at new things that readers recommend, so if you know of another good clean organic formula, let us know and we can review it here.

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