8 Myths About Baby Carriers

8 Myths About Baby Carriers


It was so interesting to read your comments on baby-wearing! Some made me smile, some surprised me : there were quite a few myths that have absolutely no grounds.

Lets tackle a few.

Baby carriers are bad for babies, they will dislocate hips.

Actually, there is an active study going on right now that is working to show that an ergonomic baby carrier is actually GOOD for babies with dysplasia, and are great for any other baby.

Baby carriers hurt my back.

It is important to find a baby carrier that fits right. Contrary to a popular believe, far not every carrier is made equal, and different bodies work best with different carriers. My personal favorites are:

Baby Bjorn Carrier One, Baby Tula, Lille Baby, and a new one, the Calugo Carrier

Baby carriers are evil, babies will get used to them and then they will never be independent.

You guys, is this even for real? Who thinks that? CARRY your baby NOW so that they can be independent and confident later! There are studies that show that exact correlation too!

Baby carriers are for cranky babies. Mine was calm so we didn’t need it.

Different babies have different personalities, but believe me, EVERY baby wants to be carried and wants to be close to his/her mom. I had quiet babies, I had loud babies, every single one only benefited from love and care.

Couldn’t use baby carriers because my baby had a hip dysplasia.

Consult your doctor, but bring the newest research results too. Doctors are not gods. Not every doctor is on top of things, remember that.

My baby never liked the baby carrier, so I never used it.

Goes along with finding the right carrier: different babies prefer different carriers. Sounds crazy, right? But 100% truth. I’d either go to a store that has a wide variety of samples to try or google a baby-wearing organization. They may have different options and recommendations too. I would avoid any cult-like approaches. Extremes are extremes, guys. Never good, imho.

Stroller is safer for babies than baby carriers are.

100% wrong. Stroller is neither safer nor better. Could be, potentially, worse, depending on a stroller. I was always afraid to carry babies like that - what if they fall out? If you get a GOOD carrier, this does not apply. Just make sure to use any baby carrier in accordance with safety instructions. Majority of issues happen when parents choose to ignore the proper steps of babywearing.

Baby carriers will cause the baby to have bowed legs.

You, guys, no comment. Except for “NO, of course, not!” and “where in the world did this come from?"

Have you heard of any other myths? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments so that we can all help to spread the good benefits that babywearing does have.

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