Experiencing the Culture of the City with Uber

Experiencing the Culture of the City with Uber


*This post is done in partnership with Uber

I love the energy and atmosphere of the big city life! If you have been following LivingNotes on Instagram you probably have seen the Stories and photos from our recent trip to New York. In times past I have had the opportunity to bring Nikola along and he has been able to experience the culture and life that is available there, and we even turned his experiences into a few school projects. It really is amazing all the culture and opportunities there are for learning for kids.

This time around I also brought Yeva with us because she is finally of an age where I felt comfortable to allow her to experience things with Nikola in the same way, and one of the best aspects of being in New York are all the conveniences available to get us from point A to point B. In years past we often used cabs, but ever since discovering Uber in San Francisco, in all my global travels, I lean on Uber, particularly uberX, to get me to different points in the city. I used it in Paris last year and when I went to Eastern Europe I leaned on it as well. I will tell you also that many times the drivers even allowed me to see things in the city I never knew about myself.


Traveling can be scary, especially when you are going to an unknown city, and particularly when I am traveling with the kids. To have confidence and ability to trust the driver goes long ways. Justin and the other kids were able to follow along with us through the Trusted Contacts feature, which sent them notifications and trip updates each time.

The setup process is very simple:

  1. Go to settings and select “Share My Trip” in the app, or select Share My Trip from the banner on the main screen.

  2. Select the contacts you want to share with. (You can select up to 5) Then tap the share icon in the top left corner to start.

  3. People you share your trip with will see where you are on a live map, trip status, and details like your driver-partner’s name, phone number, and license plate number.

  4. Finally, you can stop sharing anytime by pressing the “Stop Sharing” button.


One of my most favorite things about being in New York is that I can get to all the locations that I want, and I never have to worry about the hassle of parking with all the travel options that are available. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to not worry about the stress of finding a parking spot, and paying for that parking. There is so much to see and experience and I loved the convenience of grabbing an Uber ride from anywhere I was for those trips that are a little longer than I wanted to walk when we needed it. It made all our stops that much more enjoyable.


New York is home not only to cultural treasures that the kids could see and experience in the museums, but also with it being a hub of life, there are so many cultures that have influenced the city that you can see and experience everywhere you go around the city. For a 9-year old, having the opportunity to see it first hand has been so rewarding. We made a stop in the MET, and both Yeva and Nikola never wanted to leave. Even though I have been many times before, each trip there seems like a new experience with the wide variety of beauty and special exhibitions that are happening all the time.


While in New York this time around, it was first and foremost a press trip for me to meet with many of the leading publications in the industry, and as anyone can appreciate, the first impression does matter. Having the freedom to request an Uber so that I could arrive dressed appropriately took a lot of stress off my shoulders and allowed me to prepare for the upcoming meetings rather than dealing with the hassle of navigating traffic.


The best benefit of having access to transportation wherever we went was that it made it very convenient to maximize all the time while in between meetings. One of the favorite memories was turning the camera over to Yeva to give her own little tour in Central Park. Yeva has really blossomed into quite the storyteller, and you could tell how much she enjoyed the time experiencing everything New York has to offer.

Do I have any fellow travelers here as well? Would you guys agree that Uber is absolutely awesome?!


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